Need info on vericose vein surgery

heidihoApril 12, 2006

My veins are really bad in both legs and wondering if anyone has had vericose vein surgery and what's involved in it and does it work? It is very painful and blood doesn't circulate good in them. Would like some opinions before making a Dr. appointment. Also do most insurance companies cover this type of surgery? Thanks for your time and have a very nice and safe holiday weekend.

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The longer you wait, the worse your condition will be. The veins not going to get better by themselves. My DIL has had this done and it was very sucessful. Her first surgery was called "stripping" the veins. The second time, she went to a doctor that tried "salting", that is, injecting chemicals into the vein. Not only was this NOT sucessful, it caused so much scaring that surgery to correct it, was more painful than the stripping was.

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Sounds like it's not a one time surgery. Why did it have to be done again if the first surgery was successful?
At 61 and still walking 8 hrs. a day at work on a cement floor I sure don't want to have to go through this too many times. How long did she have to stay off her feet after the surgery? Thanks for the info and quick response. Have a nice day.

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She had it done twice because she has two legs. She didn't need both legs done the first time. She's a teacher and does spend a lot of time on her feet, but it's not all day. Have you tried the heavy duty support hose? They are expensive, but can help a great deal.
Check out this site.

Here is a link that might be useful: varicose veins information

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I had both legs stripped a few years ago. Did it at the same time because I knew I wouldn't want to do it again after the first one. Yes, it is painful. I got staples for my incisions...that was fun getting them removed (yes, it hurts). You will be off your feet for a couple weeks (if I remember this right)...I did get an major infection in my right upper thigh area where there was one of the incisions. I had a golf ball size abcess (it did not hurt nor did I know it was there?) doctor said I had to go back into surgery the next day to have it cleaned out,etc...NOT any fun going back in and doing that. It took alot of time to heal this. I had to have nurses come in to clean it out and put packing in to make sure the area healed properly (from the inside out)-funny thing is my surgeon also had this same surgery and also got this same infection. My insurance paid for the surgeries but tried to fight me on paying for day nurses to come into my house to clean & dress my wound although I couldn't do it myself and had no one who could do it. Any more questions?

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I used to suffer from varicose veins in my legs for years. I work full time and my wife is disabled so I could not take the time off work that was required to have the vein stripping treatment. I tried to just ignore it and hoped that maybe they would just go away on their own. However, the problem has only gotten worse. I had pains, heaviness, and trouble walking, not to mention ugly legs. A friend of mine told me that their sister had found an alternative solution at USA Vein Clinics I thought it couldn�t hurt to look into. I made my appointment to go in for my consultation and setup for the procedure. I didn�t have to go be admitted into a hospital, instead they perform the procedure in office and I was surprised at how fast I was done, it only took about 10 minutes. After the procedure, they set me up with a convenient follow up appointment to make sure everything okay and also to make sure that I don�t have any other veins in my legs that are becoming abnormal. The staff at USA Vein Clinics is professional and know what they are doing. My legs are now completely healed and I was able to go back to work right after the procedure. AMAZING!! The best part was that my insurance covered this procedure 100%. The EVLT procedure has worked wonders for me and I want everyone out there to know that they do not have to suffer with this problem and I encourage you to check out USA Vein Clinics, my HEROS!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: USA Vein Clinic

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