Surround sound not centered on TV?

backcountrydcSeptember 9, 2009

I just moved into a house that has surround sound speakers in the ceiling and all of the wires running to one corner of the room. The previous owner had a TV mounted above the fireplace, which is what the speakers are centered around. I've measured the temp above the fireplace, and it's just too hot to put the TV there, so I am going to need to put the TV on a stand in one of the corners. My question is, will the surround sound seem right if the TV is not centered under the front center channel? It would be directly underneath one of the side channels. I'd obviously like to use the surround sound since it's already there, but I don't know if it'll sound wierd being off center. Anybody have any idea? I can't test it, because I don't have a receiver right now. That's the other kicker - I have to buy a receiver, which I'm game to do if it'll sound good still. But I hate to buy a receiver and get it all set up, only to be driven crazy by off center speakers. If it matters, the main couch sits about 3 feet in front of the rear two ceiling speakers and about 8 feet from the front speakers (centered between the side channels). Anybody have any experience using surround sound off center from the TV?

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I have the same question with u...

Here is a link that might be useful: Married with children

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