Question about Restless Leg or pain in the ball of my foot

LibbyLizApril 13, 2009

I have recurring pain in the ball of my left foot, but also in the left leg I have restless leg syndrome, as found out during a sleep study.

I've known about the RLS for a year longer than I've had the recurring pain in the ball of my foot, which will be 2 years.

And I've only had the following problem for 1 year...

If you have RLS or pain in the ball of your foot, have you ever experienced a buzzing or vibrating of sorts in the ankle & foot?

I've seen my primary care doc about the buzzing in my foot/ankle (& the pain in the ball of my foot) because the buzzing also used to be in my left calf, but he just shrugged.

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Hi libbyliz,
I have fibromyalgia, and developed alot of that buzzing everywhere.....scalp, legs, feet, intestines...

I think you might have 2 different problems going on.
I think you need to see a podiatrist about your foot problem. Sounds like you could use some metatarsal support.
And who knows.....maybe the buzzing and the foot problem are related, in that you're probably stressing your entire leg.
I have foot problems and knee problems, and that can make my entire leg ache.
Another thing that might help you is to take larger amounts of the B vitamins. Find a good multi-B vitamin and take it every day. Also take a good sublingual B12 vitamin.
When I used to have alot of funky neuro symptoms in my legs, my neurologist had me get a ferritin level. He said its more specific than just an iron level and he's seen people with normal Ferritin levels who actually need more to get rid of their symptoms. I took iron for awhile, and it helped.

So you might consider adding an iron pill to your daily intake too.

Do you have sleep apnea? If you do, and you begin to use a CPAP machine, you may find that your RLS eases up.
Its curious.......I only get it in the evenings if I eat sugar/carbs in the evening.
Are you starting through menopause? I got tons of funky symptoms during perimenopause.

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