Crest White Strips

joann23456April 18, 2004

I've noticed that several people have mentioned good results with these. So I have questions.

I've tried them, and they're very difficult to get onto my teeth and not stick to my fingers. Any tricks?

Also, they're not nearly long enough to fit over all my teeth, not even all the teeth that show in a wide smile. What did you all do about this?

Any other information and experiences would be appreciated.

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I don't have any particular problem with plastering them onto my teeth, even if they fold over when you're pulling it off the plastic strip, they come apart easily & I just slide them around until they're in place.

The strips for the lower teeth are smaller, and there's a lot of excess sticky material left on the strip - you could peel that part off and use it to fill in the gaps. Actually I sue the lower ones on my upper teeth too; since my bottom chompers don't really show even in a wide smile, I don't worry about them so much.

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Just to let you know that they have the gosmile and crest white strips supreme as a combo pack at
I have no problems using either. Maybe you can contact the corp site?

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Along the same lines...has anyone found a whitening toothepaste that they like. I haven't found one so far that's made a difference.

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I use gosmile. Best sale and wholesale prices I've seen is on ebay and

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