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musicteacherJuly 25, 2011

There are three hardworking men at my house. After moving furniture, they removed the carpet, broke up and removed 40 feet of tile, which left a very rugged, broken looking floor. After carting all that off they started cleaning: first sweeping up piles of under-carpet dirt, then scrubbing with some wet solution (taped off other rooms first) Applied leveling compound to close to half of the floor, and scraped it flat as it dried, and one of them is now undercutting the fireplace brick so the wood can slide underneath. They are talking cheerfully as they work, but I wouldn't be - had I decided to do this myself. This is way harder than just "click it together" like the diy stores lead you to believe. There is furniture piled in front of my refrigerator, garage door, a grand piano wedged between two couches. Imagine this going on for months if I were doing it myself. These guys have some serious equipment and some serious muscle and energy, and I am grateful - even if right now I am stuck in a bedroom for an hour with wet compound puddles right outside my door. :)

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Thank you for being so appreciative of us in the flooring installation "trade".

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Today was stage 2, I hope these guys didn't mind, but I was fascinated watching them work. Even applying the glue to the slab looked like artwork. Every two feet or so they would measure and pop a new like, lay the glue on in overlapping rainbows, set the wood in, measure again, rubber hammer, and so on. They taped the boards together, put wedges along the wall edges, etc. They are even putting the felt protectors on the bottoms of all my furniture before moving it onto the floor, and are even replacing my 950 pound piano with the special little dollies they have. I was going to have to pay a piano mover $100 to do that. I am so impressed with these guys, that even though I am the worlds biggest penny pincher, I'd like to give them a tip for doing such an outstanding job. What do you think would be reasonable?

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I don't know...that $100 now burning a hole in your pocket might be a possibility...

Difficult to say what would be appropriate. There is no 'standard' when it comes to rewarding an honest and skilled craftsperson.

What do others suggest?

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