need TV earphones to boost sound for me only

faithabSeptember 3, 2011

When we watch TV I'd like to have sound boosting earphones for me while my husband is still able to watch TV at normal levels. Does such a things exist? I've found some but you have to plug them in and then the TV speakers would not work for DH. Thank you.

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We bought this headset on Amazon - wireless makes it nice.
We have the option to put TV on mute and then whoever has headset can listen on any volume through the headset or
in your case, don't have TV on mute but let one person put the volume of the TV at whatever level they want and then person with headset has their own volume control which they can now beef up to maximum without the other person hearing.
We did have it hooked directly to the TV initially but then we got surround sound with a receiver and now use the headset through the receiver (Onkyo brand - needs to be able to have two zones where the headset gets connected to zone2 on the onkyo).
I remember the instructions that came with the headset were pretty sparse but then it turned out it was pretty simple but we did scratch our heads for a while.
Sennheiser has a website where you can download the instructions - you can take a look and see how it is connected, I think.
Good luck. I will never be without headsets again. Too many times I want to read when DH wants to watch TV - No problem now plus the sound quality is extremely good with the Sennheiser - probably in cases where you are used to the speakers of the TV, you will get significantly better quality thru the headsets. We are a long way from being "audiophiles" so not sure if everyone would agree with me.
I remember shopping around. It was kind of hard figuring out what to get. Even the guy who hooked up our surround sound didn't have a recommendation. The reviews on amazon were useful - everyone disagrees. You will read complaints about static but once we use the tuning knob on the headsets and adjust properly, we don't get static. We don't have cable, we have an antenna on the roof. (plus we have a Tivo). So not sure if using cable would make a difference. Sorry this is so long -- good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sennheiser

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Thank you. That is very helpful. I think I shall get a set for my husband for his birthday . So HIS ears can be peaceful.

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