Stone in duct after gallbladder surgery

kathleen_liMarch 1, 2004

My friend had laparospic (sp) gallbladder surgery. Doc told her he removed many stones, but one was still in her duct. The next day gastro doc tried to get the stone using a type of endoscopy and failed. He said to come back in 3 weeks and he would talk about what to do. She is a nervous wreck about this. Anyone had this experience? How did they remove the stone??

Thanks !

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

When I have a situation like this, I ask myself if that doctor will ever truly be grateful if I don't bother him. Will he sit back and have more respect for me because I gave him more time with other patients and his family. Once I get my answer, I call. I always call. What is he thinking and what should she do? Should she drink more water? Is there anything she can do to make it dissolve or pass. If not, what is he going to do? Whatever it is, cannot be as bad as she is thinking. She needs to be prepared to possibly get a second opinion.
I just reread your post. I would call both doctors. the gastro one, and the first one. She needs information. The docs probably don't want her to worry and it is having the opposite affect.

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I had gallblader surgery in the early 90's..the kind where
they cut you open.My Dr. left tube in for 3+weeks & did x-ray with dye to check for more stones before he removed tube since I'd had 25+ in duct when he did surgery, but didn't find any. In Jan.,1998 I woke up at 3am, vomiting & sick as dog. Figured I had "stomach bug", but when I still wasn't any better after 2 days & not able to keep anything down, went to Dr. Did x-rays & ultra-sound & sent me directly to hospital as I had 103+ fever, but they had no idea at that point what was causing. Once in hospital, did blood work, etc. & found I had 4 diffent infections in my body along with severe jaundice. Dr. ran endoscopy ( tube down my throat) & found I had stone that had lodged in duct.
To make a long story short..Dr had to run the endoscopy several times while was in hospital & about 3 as out-patient before finally able to remove it. The last time he ran it, told me if didn't get it that time would have to
do surgery to remove it. He also told me that with my history there was a good chance that problem would happen again in the future.
Just my experience.

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Just to follow up,3 weeks after the first surgery and endo, he did the endo and captured the stone. So far so good!!!
TX Gal, that is amazing, 8 yrs later to still have a stone. Hope that is the end of it!!!

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I had my gallbladder out in 91. It was gangrenous, so had a really rough time. Then about 5 years ago, I started having problems every once in awhile with eating foods like french fried onions and pepperoni pizza. Went to ER after eating pepperoni and Dr. said I had ulcer. Thought I was dying when I ate the last serving of FF onions, went to ER and admitted with pancreatitis. Spent 6 days there, sent to specialist and found out my bile duct wasn't opening enough to let bile through. Had ERCP, Dr. put in a stent which came out on it's own in about a week. So far, no problems. Funny thing, when I was in hospital the first time, my roomate had her gallbladder out 49 years earlier and they had just removed a stone from her. I can remember thinking I would have to worry about that the rest of my life. Always something!

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I don't want to scare anyone out there but my mother had a bile duct stone in Sept. and infection. She went to UVA Hosp. and died six weeks later. She had her gall bladder removed six years ago. She never recovered from all the infection and the drainage never stopped but,in fact, increased. She went through so much she started to go into heart failure. She was in and out of hosp. three times and I feel they were in too much of a hurry to release her the first time as she ended up back there two days later. She was 72 yrs old. The entire experience makes me and my sisters afraid to go into the hospital. Bev

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