whole house audio revisited (problem)

tabbaldwinSeptember 29, 2012

I love(d) my Logitech Squeezebox Duet for streaming Pandora through my whole house audio system, but lately it will only stay on anywhere from 5 mins to 1 hour. It's so aggravating. Sometimes it won't even finish the first song before stopping.

It was working fine (sometimes it would time-out after a couple of hours, but that I could live with) until I signed up for Time Warner Cable Signature home and faster internet (which would require their combo modem / router). It was after getting the Squeezebox hooked up to the new router that the problem started, but can't figure out why. My internet connection (wireless) with my iPad, iPhone, computer is perfectly fine, so I don't think it could be that???

Anyway, wondering if any of you guys with the Squeezebox had a similar problem? And yes, I have asked in the AV forum and didn't get any help.


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Are you using WiFi or a wired Ethernet connection to the Squeezebox from the modem/router? Wired is always going to be better compared to WiFi regardless of what may have worked before.

Even if inconvenient to try a wired connection - it's a necessary step in troubleshooting. The wired connection eliminates the encryption and security issues.

Another thing to consider is that cable ISPs have been attempting to throttle connections to OTT (over the top) service providers (i.e. Netflix and others). Internet audio/video providers are in direct competition to cable companies own special interests.

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It's currently using wifi, but I'll definitely try hooking it up through the cat5. Thanks.

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