Urinary sling procedure

aflaminaMarch 16, 2007

Hi there I am a 32 yr. old woman & am to undergo the Urinary sling procedure in April for incontinence. Has anyone had this procedure? I am curious to talk with someone who can give me a little of their story & experience. I am also going through menopause after having cervical cancer with a radical hysterectomy with radiation & chemotherapy treatments. I am a 2 yr. survivor with a gorgeous 3 yr. old daughter. I have a wonderfully supportive family but I still feel alone in this as I don't have anyone to relate to. I look forward to your thoughts & feelings. God Bless!

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I had hoped that you would have an answer by now. I don't have that much information to offer and I hate to bump you down but this is what little I know:

One of my gym buddies had the procedure a year ago. This was after 6 months of faithfully doing her kegel exercises without result. She reported that it wasn't terribly painful afterwards, but she wasn't able to exercise for 6 weeks. She is very happy with the result.

You've had an awfully tough go. I think this will be the least of your problems. We'll be praying for you.

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