why not buy sony kdl40ex500?

chisueSeptember 5, 2010

OK, our old 36 XBR Sony tube finally died. I've ordered this set to replace it. Is there a reason NOT to buy it? ($800 from Abt. Just under $1000 for delivery, full connection with all our stuff, removal of old set, taxes.)

This is our main TV, connected to DirecTV, Yamaha tuner and sound suround, plain Toshiba DVD player, Wii system. My laptop is nearby. Room has large north-facing window. TV goes into a bookshelf cubby that's 40 wide X 30 high X entirely too deep now! LOL

We are retired and frequently watch DVD's often from our library. Is the future going to be no DVD's -- movies ordered from my PC and streamed to our TV? This set has no WiFi. (It also has no LED border, which I'm thinking is a positive, not a negative; am I right?)

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You sound like me, I buy and hold till it dies. We still have a 19" tube bought by my wife when my wife was in college back in the (ahem) 70s. We have a 32" tube bought in the 80s. Our viewing treat is in our theater where we have a projector with a 133" screen.

The set you chose is fine, the Bravia is a nice series. There have been sound issues, low bass output, but it's a flat screen so it's expected. You'll have it running through a yamaha sound system, so no worries there.

When they hitch it up also look for sound synching issues with the picture. Some setups can introduce a slight bit of sound lag, it'll remind you of watching the old Godzilla movies back when we were kids. The lips move, then a split second later, the sound arrives. The sets have synch/delay settings in the set up menus. If it's a problem the set-up guys can take care of it for you.

Picture-wise some sets can show flashlighting, which is when viewing a dark screen the corners of the screen are light. Some show it more than others, it's just something to be aware of.

Probably going to connect via HDMI cables? For TV/cable viewing, will you need a new cable box? With HD service? Just asking since you;re going from tube TV to an HD-capable TV.

About the only alternative thing I'll mention is that if you're into it, you might want to look at the 3D sets. They are new, it's the latest-greatest so to speak, but you can take a peak and look further or take a peak and discard the idea. Or just discard the idea from the get-go. I just thought I'd mention it.

DVDs will be around for quite some time, but yes, viewing via downloading through Netflix or Blockbuster is now pretty common. Again, just a warning. downloading can be fine for standard def, but for HD the choices, as well as the download time due to bandwidth, might be a limiting factor for you.

It can also depend on if you're a standard def source person or if HD/1080/BluRay is a viewing requirement for you.

You won't be penalized for not always watching 1080 on a 50" screen. On a 50" screen, standard def can look fine. But if you were going with a really large screen, then 1080/bluray might be more of a requirement.

I'm not a TV or tech guru, just my thoughts.

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Thanks a lot, Mongo. I'll be sure to have the techs adjust the lip synch. The guys are bringing a new HMDI cable, but I think we can re-use what we've got.

We have HD-DVD from DirecTV. Old set had that capability. We've only had it nine years -- nothing like your record-setting TV's. (We do have a 13" Sony that's 15 though! I want to replace that, but it just keeps on keeping on.)

Hope we won't see the 'flashlighting'. I guess I thought that was a problem with sets that have LED borders. ??

We'll see if we want the Blueray stuff. Given that we are Seniors who tend to do Teatime Matinees with old Brit TV series or cozy mysteries...probably not a priority. LOL

You are very nice to take the time for such a useful reply!

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Just wanted to say that the Abt guys didn't *quite* get hernias removing the old Sony. LOL

We love the picture on the new set. Did you know our President has a small 'wen' below one eye, or that basketball players sweat?

The set does seem a bit 'lonely' in the big 30" high (and deep) cubby we had for the old set. DS suggests installing a recessed 'cover' and hanging the new set on it so that it would be flush with the opening. (Only have to find someone willing to do that small job...)

DS has tried getting our Harmony remote to operate, but it will not switch the TV picture back and forth between "Watch TV" and "Watch a Movie" (DVD). The picture wants to stay on whatever the previous activity was. Grrr. (The tuner cooperates nicely.)

We're happy and wanted to let you know it!

Sue in Chicagoland

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