What wood best for humidity fluctuations?

momo7July 31, 2012

We're building a new house but we won't have air conditioning so in the summer it will be humid and in the winter a lot dryer.

My builder has suggested using 2-1/4" wide flooring in order to minimize cupping but I was wondering if any type of wood might be better.

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I would consider some dimensional stable wood species,such as Burmese teak, domestic Walnut, Santos Mahogany, etc. Staying in 2-1/4" boards helps. I don't think the 3" will perform much difference with the more stable wood. Quality engineered wood floorings should be considered if stability is the main concern.

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Quarter sawn wood move in thickness mostly.

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Thank you UniqueWoodFloor and brickeyee, we're going to pick out flooring tomorrow, hopefully, so we'll bring these suggestions with us and see what they have - and what we can afford.

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Quarter sawn hardwood will expand and contract approx 1/2 as much as flat sawn wood. You will have to ask a dealer but most won't know what you are talking about. LL for sure! I would suggest purchasing Charles Peterson's book Wood Flooring by Charles Peterson I obtained it at amazon.com. about $30 you will get it in a few days. Most important thing is proper moisture content of wood and subfloor if not you can have real problems.

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