flat screen TV cable box

mjrdolfanSeptember 26, 2007


We are putting a flat screen TV on our wall and we cannot seem to figure out what to do with the cable box.

Where do you all have the box located.


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Wall hung TVs require remotely located associated equipment including the cable/dish/FIOS box, DVD, receiver, etc.

Some place the equipment out of sight in a nearby closet or within sight in a cabinet. How to accomplish this and provide for the future as well as right now is the interesting part. It is not safe to just run cables because they keep changing. It is best to run a big conduit in the wall from behind the TV to the equipment area. You might need an IR repeater or RF remote control.

Some TV's have a cable card slot and you can get a card from your cable TV company to plug into it. This can eliminate the box if you don't want DVR or the program guide.

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I have an LCD mounted on the wall in my kitchen. In this situation I put the cable box up in the attic, I control it thru IR hardware.

I also mounted an LCD on the wall in my bedroom, but the wall is shared with the closet. I was able to put the cable box on a shelf in the closet, leaving the closet door opened a bit allows the remote to work flawlessly without IR equipment.

So as you can see, it all depends on the particular situation.

If you post pictures or a layout of the room it will be easier for us to give advice.

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