party of 80 people HELP

cassidyj1September 19, 2011

Can anyone help?

I am having a party of 80 people. 55 adults 25 kids.

How much food do I need? Afternoon party.

This is what I have so far

5 lbs chicken cutlet parm

7.5 lbs meatballs

4 lbs shrimp

6 lbs filet mignon

baked ziti

macaroni with broccoli, garlic & oil

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Will this be a meal? Like a supper or late lunch?
I find it's best to have enough of each item to serve at least a small serving to every one invited.
You will probably get about 35 small servings out of the chicken if the pieces are cut small, a good 50 servings or more of meatballs....depending on how small you make them, 4 pounds of shrimp....will only give you about 25s rvings....unless they are pretty small shrimp and you count one shrimp as a serving....and about 25 to 30 servings of beef filet.
I think I would serve fewer things and more of whatever you choose to serve.
And I think you need some raw veggie munchies and some sweets. Will this be sit down or buffet...or just graze and eat from tiny plates?
Linda C

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i agree with lindac. it's a bit of meat fest so far. add fruit and veggie dishes. maybe a big salad, and sweets will be easy

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You might get more answers if you post in another forum.

As stated on the home page:
"This forum is for the discussion of home entertainment systems and electronics including the setup of vexing networking and wiring decisions. "

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