Heat created by HP Media Center / computer?

chelihSeptember 25, 2007

We put a new HP Media Center in our kitchen -- attached to a Samsung DLP TV and an Onkyo Reciever (plus the cable box) which, all together create quite an elaborate TV-watching, Computer surfing, Surround sound, CD playing & TiVo-style programming System.

Problem is that the 3 boxes create quite a build up of heat in the cabinet (100-103 degrees)---which I think is causing problems with parts of the components.

How have you dealt with this problem?? Internal fans, a "laptop cooler," metal shelf racks...etc? The cabinet IS closed on all 4 sides--seems HP and/or the installer should have anticipated this--but I don't know.


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You need to vent the cabinet. Lifespans of electronics are cut short by heat. High density electronics areas require fan forced cooling. The air must be drawn in and exit out. Computer case style muffin fans can be used. Make sure you get a quiet one. There are kits available now with thermal sensors and power supplies to make this a nice DIY project.

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