His pain was too suffocating

dian57July 16, 2004

A friend of mine was dating a man she met at a singles dance. When she mentioned his name, I recognized it as a man who had lost a young daughter when a local elementary school wall collapsed many years ago.

I ran into her recently and asked about him. She said they stopped seeing each other because, "his pain was too suffocating." She said it was like always having another person in the room with them.

I felt badly that she felt that way, that she couldn't find a way to reach him. And I felt really badly for him.

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Gosh, what was the cause of the collapse?
Poor, poor man. You are right. It's a shame that she couldn't have found a way to be a comfort to him. I wonder how he is today and where he is and if he ever found someone that could be comfortable with his pain being always there. I hope that he found someone.

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