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cheshiremoggyJuly 22, 2004

When my ma's ma was taken into hospital in 1988 with cancer I immediately had the gut feeling that she wouldn't come out alive and I started grieving then. I was correct and she never came round from the operation.

In 1996 My dad's dad was taken in for cancer. I had the same gut feeling, same outcome.

On a more positive note, in 1986 my mother was taken in for breast cancer. I had the gut feeling that everything would be OK and sure enough it was. She's still here now.

And in 1992 my brother was involved in a serious car crash and left in a coma. My gut feeling was that again everything would turn out OK and it did, he made a full recovery despite it being 70/30 against at one point.

Who else has had similar feelings that turn out to be correct?

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i had similar feelings about my daughter jamie for a long time before she died...i knew that i was going to lose her....maybe it was mothers intuition...she also had a dream about a week before she died that she only had two months to being a mom lectured her on taking better care of herself ..when i should have let HER do the talking ....i am so sorry for that among other sound like you have a you have premonitions about other things?

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I didn't have a gut feeling before we lost Christin, but I had had a dream. I dreamed that one of my children was in a terrible accident. The accident happened about 2 days afterwards. In the dream, I saw emergency vehicle lights blinking etc. just as I saw when I approached Christin's accident.
I've talked to several mothers who dreamed that their children were going to die and also, many of the children had dreams or somehow knew that they weren't going to be here long.

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I regard the news of these types of experiences with hope, because I believe the dream world and psychic capacity are closely related to the afterlife.

As if Christin was given the dream.

I guess I always feared losing my little brother. He would do dangerous stuff like jump snowcliffs in the backcountry or climb or swim in extreme locations. I never really thought he could be killed, though. Not after my big brother died. I just feared losing dan coz he was all I had. I thought Ron's death meant we had all paid in full, that we would all have to live long lives without him. Oh God, I have been working so hard to help pay the rent I have had to push my grief aside, there are no room for tears in a 12 hour shift. At night I'm too exhausted to even begin to think about it. Now it's catching up with me.... oh Danny. You were so good and young and strong. I'm so glad I got to see the man you grew up to be. I can only imagine you would have grown handsomer and cooler with age. This world was a better place when you lived here. I miss you so much. I hope you continue on, man. I asked you to come sit on the bed with me, sit right next to my crying body if you could, in any way. The bed was still empty, the ****** bed would not ever be your seat, and I slammed the empty spot in desperation after my begging did not produce a ghostly image in front of my eyes to comfort me. Then I felt very heavy, as if I was covered with a leaded blanket, and recieved the thought, "The eyes are blind to him. He's there but eyes and hands can't sense him".

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With my second child, my son, I've always had this "seed" deep within me somehow knowing I'll maybe not see him to adulthood.

The 'maybe' is for me...because one cannot walk around waiting for some unknown "it" to happen.

I've not had feelings like this about my daughter. Ever.

I wonder how my parenting and bonding has been affected by this?

What ever happens if I am wrong and I've been preparing myself for this all the time & his whole childhood!!

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Nell Jean

I guess we all have a fleeting thought or two about our loved ones dying, but I had absolutely NO premonition that my child would die on a particular day and time. At the time of his accident, ordinary daily events were happening and we did not know of his death for almost twenty-four hours. I had no feelings of something about to happen, or unusual thoughts of him during that whole time.

Anne-Marie, I hope while you spend your whole life anticipating this it never, ever happens to you.


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