Degenerative Disc Disease - Numbness in Face

downsouthMarch 16, 2004

I was diagnosed with DDD in 1995. Last year the left side of my face starting feeling numb, or more like it was "going to sleep". My neurologist sent me for an MRI of my brain, as he said it sounded like I was having a stroke or mini-strokes. The MRI came back fine. Now this feeling is back. It goes up around the bottom of my eye and as far over as my ear. I find myself rubbing my ear and the left side of my face. The left side of my mouth even feels numb. The best way to describe it is when your mouth feels swollen and the novacaine is starting to wear off.

Has anyone else experienced this type of numbness/"going to sleep" feeling in their face?

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No, but I think that if you're having the same symptoms as when you had a mini-stroke before, you should get to the hospital.

I hope you're all right.

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Hi Joann (I have a sister named Joann),

The MRI was done in December of my brain checking for a possible stroke/mini-strokes and it came back normal so I think this is nerve-related to DDD or it might be from the arthritis in my neck. The left side of my neck and all down my shoulder feels like a hard rock, and then there's this numbness in my face. It's hard to describe - not actually numbness but feels more like your face has gone to sleep. I have a dr's appt. this Friday with my neurologist. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this loss of sensation and what their condition was related to. My hands also hurt and swell, this of course could be a different symptom altogether but I bet all this is related. All the problems I am having are on the left side of my body. My left foot even feels heavy/asleep most of the time. I can't wait to find out Friday.

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Maybe it is Bells Palsy,, not sure on spelling but one of my family members woke one morning and had it.

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I have the same symtoms on the left side of my body too. The numbness in the face is not all the time, just once in a while. It is so hard to describe - like falling asleep numbness. My friend Kathy who is a nurse suggested it could be Bells Palsy. I hope not.

My hands swell and hurt during the night but that is from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Downsouth, what did the neurologist have to say to you?

Another friend has peripheral neuropathy and some of your symptoms sound familiar especially the heavy, numb foot.

Hope everything is well with you.


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Anne, thanks for sharing the info with me regarding peripheral neuropathy. That really is scary because I did some research and it says diabetes is a major cause. I have three sisters who have diabetes. I am being tested in two weeks.

I got my dr's appt. wrong and had to reschedule for May 7th. I will post when I get the results back from the EMG. That will tell me what is wrong with my hands, but I also want to know what is causing this "gone to sleep" feeling in my face.

I am also going to ask him about peripheral neuropathy. Do you know what other symptoms your friend had and what test did they do to come up with this diagnosis?

Thanks, Dee

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Dee, what levels are effected by your DDD? Mine is at C3-6. I have neck pain, shoulder pain (junction of shoulder and neck - muscle) numbness and weakness in both hands, both hands feel cold. Originally I was dx'd with peripheral neuropathy. The EMG showed nothing, so the dx was changed to fibromyalgia. Finally had an MRI of the c-spine which showed the DDD. I am aware of people who have facial numbness with cervical problems. It may take some time to figure out what is happening to you as facial numbness can be caused by a few things. Have you had a lyme test?
When is the last time that you have had a cervical MRI? What was your course of treatment after the original dx? and what are you doing now to prevent further damage?

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I've got DDD & nerve problems. I see a neuro on a regular basis. I've noticed lately that my Dr's have some awesome medical posters. I just did a quick google search, you'll see one below- you may be able to find one that shows which nerves go to that area of your face.

Here is a link that might be useful: posters

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I haven't been on the computer much and I apologize for just now replying to your inquiries regarding my DDD and the numbness in my face. Right now I am in physical therapy at the recommendation of my neurologist. He performed a nerve conduction test and EMG on my hands and I don't have carpal tunnel. I don't recall what he said about arthritis in my hands. I had to give up my daily typing job because of the pain and weakness in my hands and sitting so much was taking its toll on my back.

My neurologist sent me to physical therapy as he thinks a lot of the pain in my hands, my arms, my shoulders and all down my left side are coming from my back and the arthritis in my neck. I only went to PT twice & I don't have any faith in PT, but I am going back starting this week. My sister said two times was not enough to see if they can help me, so I'm going to try a few more times. I think of PT the same way I think of a chiropractor. If you don't keep going, all the symptoms come back. I am hoping I am wrong. I really can't afford it with me not working, but I hope my husband's insurance will pay for some of it. I was hoping I would have a bill by now to see what the first two PT visits are going to cost us. I would love to see if this could help the numbness in my face. I am resigned to the fact that my hands will be weak for the rest of my life, as I ruined them by typing for 35 years. Since I had to quit work, it has helped alot not sitting all day. I can't have a job standing, as this really puts pressure on my back from walking all day and I have varicose veins really bad in my legs. My husband said we would try to make it somehow.

The first time I realized something was wrong with me was in 1995. My husband had a vegetable garden and he wanted me to help him. When I would use the hoe, my back would hurt so bad, I had to finally quit and I didn't know why. I made an appointment with a neurologist and this was when I had my first MRI. The original dx of DDD was this same year, 1995, along with the dx of arthritis in my spine and neck. I can't remember if he did another MRI since then or not. I was first put on Skelaxin but that wasn't helping me much, so he switched it to Zanaflex, Motrin 600 and Lorcet. I don't sleep good any night and I dread going to bed because of this, so that's why I am on the computer past midnight right now. I normally just watch TV in bed until I fall asleep and I have always hated a TV in the bedroom because I used to be able to go to sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow and I would sleep like a log. I take Zanaflex and it helps me rest much better. I can't go anywhere real early when I take medication, because I'm not alert enough to drive. If its a necessity that I have to go anywhere early I can't take any medication at night, so that's why I'm not working. I also take Motrin 600 for pain and if I do anything too strenuous around the house, I pay for it the next day, so I have had to cut back on a lot of things I once enjoyed doing. Do any of you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Some mornings I can't get up. I have to roll out of the bed and sometimes fall in the floor, as it's easier to get up from the floor. Once I get up and move around a little, my back starts to loosen up.

I am going to try and apply for Social Security disability after I get through with physical therapy, but my husband wants me to go ahead and apply now because he said it takes a long time to get it started if I am accepted. Does anyone know the chances of getting it and what are the requirements? Should I wait until physical therapy is over? I will be 55 in October. Is there an age requirement?

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Dee, my problem is L5-S1 & L3-4, had L5-S1 fused back in Nov, the other wasn't bad enough yet to fuse. I've been like this since 1999 and have yet to find out exactly what is wrong with me. I used to have muscle spasms very bad that prevented me from walking. Was prescribed Zanaflex also for that, I only take it at night and usually only 1 pill as I have side effects with a 1/2 to 1 more pill. Nightmares with 2 pills are horrible. I don't have problems waking in the morning, my problem is not being able to move until meds kick in. I have a routine when I get up, I turn on my computer, and get my heating pad on too, then I get my coffee & meds, come back to the computer and sit on the heat with my feet up. My desk is set up so that my monitor is at an angle, I have 2 chairs, the one I sit in and the one my feet are on as well as cordless mouse & keyboard. I keep the keyboard on my lap. This is a really good set up for me & my back problems, the minute I have to sit regular with my legs under the desk- that's when my back kills me.

For the spasms I not only take zanaflex but also get trigger points from my neuro. We found out by accident that using Medrol Dose pack every 6 months also helped the spasms. This is usually prescribed for poison ivy. If you need more info, email me from my member page.

I've been on a bunch of different meds for pain, one was Neurontin, which helped for the pain but left me stupid. I don't ever want to take that again. I'm now taking not only zanaflex but vioxx as well as Oxycontin- which I stopped for a while but had to take again when we couldn't find anything else that I can tolerate. I am also looking into a Tens Unit- I hear they work. The site below does not need a script but from what my pain mgmt Dr tells me, it isn't as good as a real one.

I agree with your hubby, apply now for SSI. I applied 2 years ago & keep getting denied.

Here is a link that might be useful: tens unit

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I believe my DDD is at L4 and L5. Roselvr, did the fusion help you? Thanks for the information on the TENS Unit. I wonder if that is the same nerve stimulation that PT is using on my neck? Did you go to physical therapy? I am going back Friday for a few more treatments. I have no faith in PT and am having second thoughts about going back Friday. I don't want my neurologist to be upset with me because I haven't been much since he recommended that I go, so maybe he knows something that I don't, and that's the only reason I am going back. They gave me a lot of the exercises that I could do at home. I have two other sisters that have DDD so it runs in my family. One of them "lives" on a heating pad.

I'm not sure if my neurologist did a cervical MRI but I assume he did since he discovered I have arthritis in my neck and spine. I know there was an MRI of the lumbar area as this is where my problems are. The last MRI I had was a brain MRI to see if I was having mini strokes, which came back negative (thank goodness) and that was because of the numbness I am having in my face. It seems to always be worse when I have been sitting too long.

Can you apply for disability while you are in the middle of physical therapy? I wasn't sure this would be a good idea, as they would say she isn't even through with treatment. How many times have you applied and have you thought about getting an attorney who strictly handles disability cases? I have been reading a lot on this and I don't think the attorney gets paid anything unless you win your benefits, but don't take my word for it, it probably depends on the attorney you hire. Are you about my same age?

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Moatwork,,,, I have had 2 MRI,s done and the doc said DDD. Then I went to a arthritis doc and he said I just had formagia, with joint pain. He did not see my MRI and did not want to see it. He said that the other doctors did not read it right. I dont know who to beleive, but my sister has the same problem and so does and did the other family members. Father 2 back operations, brother 1. neice 1, nephew 1. I also have numbnessin hands, going cold, problems with holding things. I also have lower back DDD. I am in retail, standing for a long time bothers my lower back. I feel like some days that if I could just lie down I would feel better. I dont even know what I should tell them that hurts not knowing if it is real. I just dont feel that they take me serious. I have had this for over 18 years and it is just getting worse. I do not trust doctors anymore so I do not go that often all I get is the runaround. Go to PT, take this med, I even had a nerve doc do a test on me, told me I had nerve damage.And that what I have for nerves now is all I will have, cause they have tried to heal themselves. I get the sharp pains from my hand to my shoulder, sometimes the nerves are so inflamed that I cannot touch that area of my arm.
I guess you could say I am frustrated.

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Have any of you thought of going to a massage therapist that specializes in trigger point therapy?I have read that a lot of back related problems stem from myofacial trigger points. I have back problems and xrays showed nothing except normal wear and tear. I keep looking online to see if there is something I can do to make it better, and I did come up with a website that advertises this book called"The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" I had to buy it, and it is very informative. A good part of the book is self help stuff that I am in the process of trying. Just punch "trigger point therapy" in and it will take you to the site.

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I have a degenerated disc in my neck plus fibromyalgia. Be carful who you see. All PT's are not the same. One did a massage on me and said it was light and I was in bed for 2 days. Another was very carful and tried techniques that I could handle but I can't say they helped me. Went to a chrioprator and ended up with severe headaches and couldn't move my neck. I'm now seeing a specialist for pain management and he has started me on new mediciatons which finally seem to help. At least I can sleep through the night. I am carful not to lift, shovel snow, any heavy work. It doesn't take much to effect this so being aware does help. Best of luck.

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I have read all of your posts, and found you all by accident, but i must say, the stories sound so familiar.
I had my first car accident 4 yrs ago, and suffered with lumbar pain and migraines since. I recently had another accident causing compression injuries in my mid-back. But since then, i have had facial numbness, the shakes, anxiety, changes in the way food tastes along with the PAIN.
I have not found meds that work for me, My doc is hesitant to give me anything stronger than demerol, and that just makes me itchy.
I know how you all feel, in regards to not feeling well until the meds kick in, I get called a junkie often by my "friends" because of it, they dont understand how it feels.
There is nothing I can do about how I feel, I am not supposed to do anything, including walking...but I do, I can't stop living because of how I feel ( although, i feel worse after)
Any recommendations for a newbie?
I have my first appt with a Physiatrist (ligaments etc) tomorrow afternoon, and I hope to relay some of this info her way. The last Physiatrist I saw decided to do "prolo-therapy" on consisted of about 100 injections in my back of vitamins, glucose, etc....needless to say, I didn't see him for very long. Nor did I feel any better.
Thanks for letting me rant...

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I also have numbness in the left side of my face and side of my mouth and tongue. I have Secondary Progreeive Multiple Sclerosis. I also have DDD affecting my L5-S1, and they tell me the disc have already disappeared. So it is bone to bone rubbing together. I also have wondered if it was my DDD causing the numbness.
As far as your SS Disabilty, I would advise you to go ahead and file, because it does take a long time and even then, you maybe turned down then , but if you do, just refile.
At your age, you may get it on your first try, It seems the magic age is 50 when they seem to allow you to be found disabled.
If anyone would like to email me, please feel free to do so.
My address is ncsassyrn2003 I am at yahoo.
Good luck and may God Bless You !

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I too have the numbness on the left side of my face from around my left eye down around my cheeks and chin, and also my lips, tongue, and even part of my nose. it feels like my face is coming off of novacane from the dentist. I went to the doctors and had so many tests, MRI's ultrasounds, no stroke. I do have neck problems though and i have a tooth on my upper left that is affected by hot and cold so i don't know if that is connected or not.

I am scared. I don't know what else to do so i made an appointment with my dentist to see what is going on, it's off and on and i do a lot of computer work, i sit at the computer for hours a day. I've been to a massage therapist and no help.

Has anyone found out in all this time what this problem is.

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Cervical stenosis can cause the numbness in your face as well.

Would be a good idea to also have an evaluation done by a good spinal surgeon and have a spinal MRI done as well.


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I'm just wondering how's everybody coping with the numbness of face due to cervical spine problem. I'm scheduled for a CT scan next month but know that I have C5C6 disk degeneration(from X-Ray just taken recently) and is having facial numbness. Any advise for non surgical treatment will be greatly appreciated. Thks.

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i have been having these problems with my left side have been going numb! i been to the dr. but i had one to tell me, it's just periphial nerve damage, and one to tell me it was bell's palsy! what do i believe or can anyone tell me what they think the problem may be, i've had a brain scan and everything! my symptoms seem to happen every other month, i will have numbness from the top of my head and it work its way down to my left side of face and from my, don't want to be gross but the left side of my vagina, down my leg all the way to the bottom of my foot! do anybody else have those symptoms, and do it occur in a certain ethinic group? please help! i'm tired of the pain!

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I have the same exact experience you are going through. I was told I have Nerve Disease, which could mean scary things. I pushed for EMG (nerve testing) and pushed my doctors bc I am also young. I began stretching, going to the chiropractors and having shots in my neck to ease pressure plus anti-inflammatory meds. Make sure you persist and tell them to run every test possible to rule out permanent damage. My eyes have become blurry as well. I am of Puerto Rican and Arab decent, do not know your ethnicity since you mentioned it. Also, have you traveled to a foreign country recently? Good luck, I hope you recup and never go through this again. Yassie

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Have had off and on numbness in the face, arm, hand and foot. It went away for a while, but it was re-triggered by a new mattress. Very scary. X-rays have shown nothing but...."a little straightening" in the neck. What does that mean?!

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I have been told that i have degenerative cervical changes in my neck and im dealing with that now but recently and i am not sure if this is related or not but feel some numbness above my right eye in the forehead and it comes and goes and nothing else. could this be related? Please let me know.

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For the first time I had this feeling of numbness and tingling on the left side of my face, plus my right hand after working all day is slowwen and tight after 2 days after work it is fine. I have had an MRI done about 7 years ago and had a bludging disk discover, I have never been able to bend my neck back to reach something high with out pain, so I always use a ladder.
I started back to work a year ago and there is so lifting with No problem until today

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I have degenerative disk disease at C-5 and C6 and am now experiencing numbness in my face around the lips and nose. I will be having a double fusion, probably the end of this month.

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best of luck with your surgery, sheryl!

i'm 8 weeks out from discectomy at T11-12, decompression at L4, 5, 6, no fusions. the surgery did wonders for my back and the related groin/leg pain. however, i am having major problems with terrible pain in my feet. doctor said it isn't neuropathy. he thinks, because my feet are so misshapen, i need to try custom orthotics. going today to have the molds made. i'm hopeful these will help!

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Sheryl...If you are young, I would think twice about the fusion...I had c6-c7 fused in 1993....I have more problem today then I want to think about. I also have the numbness in the face...when it first started it was like a shot of Novocaine, but now it is more like tingling and is only on the left side of my face. Drs. thought the same thing..stroke, bells palsy, shingles, MS, their were more but I can't remember them all. Did the MRI,Cat Scan, blood work, came up with nothing...Even asked them if it had anything to do with my cervical spine issues...answers from 3 Drs.... NO, MAYBE, NOT SURE..well that helps...not!! I have something wrong with every disc from c3-c7. I have also applied for SSI, but was denied. Some days aren't too bad, but other days it's unbearable, I take dilaudid for the pain, but try to take as little as possible. Was thinking about seeing a different Dr. to see if maybe I have Fibromyalgia, but all the research I have done seems to say...your skin would be sensitive to touch...Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I am so glad I found this message thread. I was diagnosed with DDD in the Cervical region (C5 - C6 I believe) and also have signs of it in the Thorasic. Lots of shoulder and neck issues, nerve problems with numbness down my arms and fingers. But the issue that is bothering me and no one seems to give me an answer for is the new face numbness I am having. EVERYONE I have seen (Chiropractor in the beginning and then my General Doctor and now Physical Therapist) all say that face numbness isn't related to my spine.

BUT HOW CAN THAT BE TRUE if so many of you here have the same numbness (feels like novicane wearing off on half my face spreading around my eye) and you have the same Degenerative Disc Disease diagnosis? There MUST be a connection.

I did notice that someone here said that the MRI showed Stenosis in the cervical region. Mine did too. I know that a stenosis can mean 'narrowing' and can decrease blood flow. Could that be the connection? I have noticed the numbness mostly when lieing down.

But tonight, it has shown up while sitting. I'm a little alarmed and worried about a possible stroke, but I have had MRIs and blood work and other tests that all came back fine.

I want to add here that my eyes are severely blood shot for the past 3 weeks with eye pressure and slight discomfort. No one can find an answer for that either.

I'm hoping that is just an allergic reaction with my eyes and will go away. But what if it's connected?

I'm so tired of paying out money to Doctors and going through all this testing only to hear "We have no idea what it is."

Downsouth, if you are still on this thread, what happened to you? Did your face numbness go away? Did you ever find an answer?

Does anyone else have a solution or discover what the face numbness could be? I'm 36 years old, been healthy until now, active Mom of 2 small children. Any help or advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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Ladyjuliet, I haven't gotten an answer for sure yet, but in my research I have found that there is a possibility that it is cervical nerve related. I also have sinus damage that could also be the reason for mine, but don't think so. I have DDD from C3-C7, bone spurs C3-C6. I also have neck, shoulder and arm pain (Stabbing), numbness, headaches. My facial numbness comes and goes, but it seems to be worse when my neck and shoulder are really hurting....let me know if you find out anything.

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I too have DDD and have been experiencing numbness on the left side of my face. My sister had the same symptoms and was diagnosed with MS several years ago. I have not seen a doctor yet but in the process of trying to find a neurologist. I also have fibromyalgia which took many years of humiliation from doctors before getting that diagnoses! I dread doing this all over again!! To this of you asking about SS disability.... I would say go for it. I was told it would take a long time but since I have the disc problem with C-5 & C-6, I was granted disability the first try. That was a six month process. I am 61 years old so not sure if that helped or not!

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The left side of my face started the numbness thing a month or so ago. Anytime I turn my head to the left of center it starts. I can turn it straight ahead or to the right and it stops. I have had C5,C6, and Ct 7 fused back in April of 2011 for pain in my right arm. I still had the pain for a couple of months after surgery. Surgeon put me on Lyrica and that pain has gone away.
For the numbness, I have had an MRI (yesterday) and I am waiting on the results. If you look at the nerve map of you body, you can see that C2 is the disc where the nerves are located that go to the side of your face and back and top of your head.
Do a google serch for Dermatome map and all of this makes sense. The dermatomes are the nerves that go from the brain to the spine to different parts of your body that gives your skin the ability to feel.

Here is a link to some of the maps of your nerves for feeling. Copy and paste in a browser.

This link allows you to go over the different sections of the spine and it shows you where and what they control.

For me I am thinking it would have to be problems with C2 or C3.

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Hi!!, my name is Brandie
I have been dealing with face numbness also.. I had a back surgery a few yrs. ago on my back it was L5 and my disk was very large and smashing my nerves, so now I have nerve damage.. but the reason I'm writing is that I'm having some of the same issues.. the doctors call them spells... It may start with an eye ache and my face will feel real heavy or numb,it looks like im messed up on something at times. my mouth will droop and I cant hardly see. ppl. will think im asleep but im not. my body will paralyze or i'm not able to move very well at all my body will be very heavy and cold. when im having the spells i cant hardly talk and other times i cant talk at all, my speech is very slow. it started out like some of u then keep getting worse. my body will twitch , they say i have strokes but not strokes. don't make sense but thats what they say.. if i have a lot of them then i have to learn to talk,walk,swallow and spell all over again.. so if i misss spell things it due to that. just had one yesterday and it was all day long.... I can hear u and feel u touch me but i can't respond to u, my blood pressure and pulse drop out and they can't hardly find it,i have quit breathing 4 times... they call it Idiopathic Episodic Syncope!!! I just want some answers and if there is anything that can be done to stop them.. I have them all the time now and i'm lucky if i have a good day. I'm a mother of 3 kids and a wife. i just want to be able to work again and live normal life... God Bless all of u and my prayers r with u all

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Hello, my name is Cindy, I also have recently joined the ranks of the numb and frustrated. I have been trying to figure out what is going on with me and find that many of you are having the same difficulties. my symptoms began after a car accident. Upon impact I had an instant pre-numb feeling down my right arm. After a few weeks, I noticed my right toe going numb and then it continued on to other toes ,and then ,up my leg to the other foot and eventially my face. Dr's have done multiple MRI s and blood tests ruling out some of the common diagnosis such as stroke MS and mineral levels and diabetes. The MRI showed that I have a bulged c4-c5 and disc degeneration from c4-c6. I have been going to massage and chiropractic therapy and that seems to be alleviating some of the back, neck pain and the leg numbness. I have learned that the nerve going to the face is the trigeminal nerve and does not pass through the spinal canal although it does seem to be beyond unusual to find so many similar stories of people with unexplained facial numbness that have spinal issues. My issue is mostly on my right side and will come and go depending on my movements; so far all my Dr's( Neuro surgeon, general , and neurologist) have told me is to limit things that make it worse, almost everything, my husband being worried even got after me for moving my head too much while I was talking. "really" This is no life!!!!!! I'm so sick of DR's. I looked up some alternative type treatments one is using frankiencense oil some have had success. I'm ready to try anything . I'll let you know.

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!I have the same issues dx with L4-L5 and C5-6, C6-C7 mild DDD, DJD and
Spondolosis . Experiencing numb face on left side feels like forehead,nose, chin, feel asleep. Paresthsia of the extremities.... pain sharp at times through body. Currently! take Gabapintin works excellent for pain and pins and needles, burning feeling. Also dx with . Fibromayalgia believe there is some conspiricy by the doctors related to these issues. No one what's to confirm that these issues are related. You may also experience IBS. Due to the lack of medical knowledge of how to treat any of any conditions we are at the mercy of the pain management suggestion. Bless us all hope everyone finds a good pain management....

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600mg Gabapintin minimal side effects. Spine issues herinations, bulges, annulus fibrosis unable to get clear answers of the complete diagnosis andit's treatment. Non steroidal meds are recommended. NSAIDS. My question is how long can we continue with these symptoms before
paralysis set's in. Don't mean to scare anyone but does any one know what we are to expect. It's clear the doctors are not saying because to many of us are still asking.

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600mg Gabapintin minimal side effects. Spine issues herinations, bulges, annulus fibrosis unable to get clear answers of the complete diagnosis andit's treatment. Non steroidal meds are recommended. NSAIDS. My question is how long can we continue with these symptoms before
paralysis set's in. Don't mean to scare anyone but does any one know what we are to expect. It's clear the doctors are not saying because to many of us are still asking.

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Check out Dr. Joel Wallach you can find him on youtube or do a search. He has help many mineral deficiency which sounds like a similar problem.

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Hello. I just found this forum. I, too, have been struggling for a diagnosis for my increasing sensitivity/tingle/cold/numbness. Starting last summer I'd wake up at night with various body parts numb. Once even the top of my head (right side). I've even been admitted to the hospital when, on Xmas day, the whole left side of my body (head to toe) was cold/prickles & slightly numb. (They did NOTHING in the ER/hosp other than check for stroke & heart attack - then released me saying - "You'd better check with your GP about that numbness thing." Quacks. Fortunately I INSISTED they MRI my neck as it had been stiff on/off for weeks. Then, my GP looked at the report from that and dismissed me with, "This is just an old age thing," gave me no direction, and let me twist in the wind. Eventually the symptoms got worse so I went to a neurologist and got a brain scan. All came back clear (although it's been nearly a MONTH since the test and I've YET to get a FU visit with that doctor - I had to get my results from the hospital myself and have been shopping the film/report around). Now both my GP & the Neurologist had seen my neck MRI and did not comment. Finally I went to a cardiologist to see if my long-term lopressor (10+ years for PVCs) was the problem (lots on the list of 'adverse side effects' of the drug included numbness and other symptoms I had). As of now I'm off the lopressor so we can re-evaluate my PVC problem. In the meantime he glanced at my neck MRI and was alarmed that I wasn't aware of the SEVERE cervical DDD I had. He explained the MRI and encouraged me to seek attention immediately. So now I have an appt (mid-April) with the NeuroSpine clinic. Hopefully I'll get answers, advice and direction. Is DDD causing all my numbness?

Thank you for posting your stories. People think I'm just making half of this stuff up. I'm tired of my face being half-numb, waves of cold and sensitivity and tingles, waking up with some parts dead-fish numb. Reading your trials and tribulations have reassured me that I'm not alone - and, in my case, that most doctors are just going through the motions. We have to do most of the heavy lifting, so to speak. I'm angry most of the time - at least it keeps me from feeling so victimized by the medical profession. Thanks for letting me vent. And good luck to all of us. Take care....

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Hi all...I just found this forum as well. I agree with kiddo_1 regarding that people "think I'm just making half of this stuff up."

Years ago, I was scheduled for back surgery, but a second-opinion told me that while I'd have to get surgery *eventually*, now (then) was not the time. I have numbness down my left arm, into my fingers. Sometimes, like today, the left side of my face is numb, around the outside of the left eye/upper cheekbone, down into my "jowl" area.

In a probable related thing, I have been having problems walking, due to EXCRUCIATING pain in my right leg, right where it bends by the pubic bone, to the point where I can put no pressure on it at all.

Went to my GP, and he didn't even feel the area that was bothering me. He ordered X-rays. So, 4 x-rays and lord knows how much $$$ later, the office calls me back and says there's no problem with the bones in my hips, and I thought, "Well, DUH?!"

The radiologist, however, suggested DDD, and I'm pretty sure that that's the culprit that's been causing all of these bizarre symptoms. I have had multiple whiplash and trauma from 500+ skydives...have scoliosis, etc. etc.

Why can't these physicians focus on what you're telling them? While I like my GP very well, I really feel like I was gypped. Guess I need to go in next time for my follow-up appt. and demand MRIs for DDD?!

Glad I'm not alone in my back/face/arm/hand/leg problems.

Take care, all! :-)

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Hi! I have DDD and moderate numbness to the R side of my face- radiating pain down my L arm along with neck pain. I had a fusion done in 2012. I had a ruptured disc removed on the R side of neck and cadaver bone put in my neck with a titanium plate and screws. Recently I started having problems on L side so demanded another MRI. It showed changes. I had to travel 3 1/2 hours to a nuerosurgeon consultation just to be told that I should have had a C/T scan as well as the MRI. I know it is costly but get ALL the tests you can. Let me also tell you that if you have DDD but have not ruptured a disc yet be careful! You should completely avoid heavy lifting and pulling. It is the pits. I can't even pull the starter on the push lawn mower.I tell my hubby I should get a moo moo, a little lap dog and turn back on the cable tv. I am ashamed to sound full of self pity because some you dear souls are worse off. At least I don't have to roll out of bed. If you have numbness and tingling with pain radiating down your arms/ legs get to the doc ASAP! Good luck to all and God Bless!

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Thanks for posting, cowgirlsue...I can identify. Will go for an MRI as soon as money allows. Take care!

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OK, I really feel everyone of you and I am so sorry for everyone of you and I know exactly how do you feel. I am foreign so if you would please try to understand my language. I am here just to help you because I know very well what is your problem and if you keep reading you will know what you need to do.

I was searching on Google for my wife`s symptoms that she had after a car accident on July/10/2009. those symptoms as follows :

1- headache
2- numbness in the top oF the left cranium
3- stabbing and itchy pain
4-The area is sensitive to touch.
5- left ear gets "numb."
6- both hands swell up
7- chest pain

First website came up is this one. and every one of you have the same symptoms she had. My wife was suffering for 28 months. The doctors couldn't find out what is wrong with her. She started complaining about her left arm more. She thought she is having a hart attack because of the chest pain, mid back pain and the arm. She went to the hospital they kept her over night. In the morning the doctor said ( your hart is better than mine)

Her pain management doctor never sent her for cervical MRI. He thought the problem is in her back only. However in 2011 she went to her neurosurgeon Dr.Schlosser . He is on of the best doctors and I think maybe he is the best in TN. As soon is he saw her he ordered MRI for the neck . My wife said ( my neck doesn`t hurt it`s in my mid back ) he said no it`s in the neck. My wife told me ( if this doctor don`t help me I rather cut my arm of than live like this because this pain is unbearable. I rather die if this don`t get fixed). The doctor saw 2 ruptured discs at C6-C7 in the MRI. He ordered emergency surgery. In the morning of the surgery day my woke up with paralyzed left hand. when the doctors at the hospital saw her hand they refused to let Dr. Schlosser do the surgery at Baptist hospital in Nashville TN. Dr. Schlosser said I will move her to Centennial hospital right now this is my patient and I get to do this surgery today. 7 hours later Dr.Schlosser operated on my wife and gave her new live like she said. She said ( you will never understand the pain until you have it and look at your kids known you are going to die and leave them). She said ( I thought I am having a hart attack and thought my day is coming)

However all your posts are similar and my advise to you please , please , PLEASE have your doctor give you cervical MRI for the C6 - C7. the nerve at C6-C7 is controlling the hart, lung, arms, face, shoulders, and many other things. the pain is not in the discs because the discs don`t feel the pain but the discs comperes the nerve. if you feel pain in your mid back, chest pain , numbness in your face , headache , arm pain , lung pain , ear ringing , numbness in your fingers and weakness in your arms then you have c6-c7 comperes on c6-c7 or somewhere in your cervical spine. You nerve has been compressed there. Tell your doctor I need cervical MRI

If you don`t believe me please look at the following

Now everyone of you needs to think if you ever had an accident or had a whiplash. if you had a car accident before then your neck is because of that. Don`t believe the doctors when they tell you DDD in your neck or back. That is not true. There is a new research about that.

I hope you all feel better. God bless you and good luck

You new Iraqi fried

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