Can a virus manifest itself as acne?

jennMarch 12, 2005

Last week my husband had a large and very painful pimple inside his nose. It lasted for more than a week. Now I have one on my cheek next to my nose. It's worse than anything I had as a teenager (I had mild acne back then) -- it's red, painful, and ugly.

I'm wondering if it's possible for a virus to manifest itself in ways other than sniffles etc -- such as acne, painful muscles in an isolated area, etc. I've always heard it said that a virus can "settle in a muscle" or some other area. Does anyone know if this can be true? I'm skeptical of that but we don't know everything there is to know about the human body so anything is possible.


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It's more likely that it's a bacteria causing it. sounds more like a boil than acne. If it doesn't clear up soon or if you get more of them, it might be a good idea to see your doctor or a dermatologist to get a prescription strength antibiotic cream. Don't mash it as you will just make the bacteria spread to other places.

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I agree with PeaBee. A pimple in or near the nose is not to be taken lightly. Infections can easily work their way up from the nose to the brain - not a pretty thought. If it should open I would at the very least put neosporin on it.

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no- the only virus I know of to cause any kind of eruption is herpes, and they're crusty, not boil-like...

in your husband's case, it could have been an impacted or ingrown hair that got infected...and in your case, fussing over your husband, and scratching your nose could have done it... if they are even related incidents.

since yours is in a place where you can see it, a hot compress followed up by a dot of neosporin (or lavendar oil, if you're organic) is your best bet.

I might add that, as a chronic sinus 'ick' sufferer, the chances of an infection spreading past your sinuses is dreadfully rare.

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