Sonos vs.

dandylandySeptember 22, 2010

Hi there,

Looking for comments on both of these systems.

Here is what we'd like to do in an apartment that has been gutted - all speakers mentioned will be buried in the walls:

1. Have a TV in the LR - does not need surround sound, but b/c it is a flat panel it definitely needs speakers. We'll have a bluray, Tivo, and yes, a VCR (too many old home movies that haven't been digitized!) but they will be located in a closet in the hall.

2. Be able to play music in the LR. It is next door to the DR, so throw a couple of speakers in the DR, too, and pipe the same music in. (They are very open rooms, and this is an apartment, so I can't imagine having different stuff in the LR and DR - they can be on the same channel, but for instance if someone is watching TV in the LR, I would like to silence the speakers in the DR.)

3. At the same time, be able to play a different song or talk radio in the kitchen.

4. Also, put speakers in the master bedroom and master bath. It would be fine for them to be on the same channel, but they must have different volume controls.

HTD can do all of this, and I think Sonos can, too.

I am looking to find out the pros and cons of each.

When I asked HTD about playing music from my computer, wirelessly, they said, yes, I can just plug an airport into one of their input jacks. Also, HTD is coming out with new wall switches that will also function as intercoms. Don't know if that is good or bad.

With HTD, all my components would sit in a closet, and there would be a control panel the size of a double lightswitch on the wall in each room that is wired for sound. The speaker wire and CAT-5 cable would all run back to this closet.

With Sonos, they said I could also run everything back to that closet, OR, get another Sonos box and stick it in a closet in the master bedroom (which is at the other end of the apartment) and just run my bed/bath wires to that location. They made it sound like this would save me money somehow (less labor to run wires, maybe?)

Please, anyone, I'm open to comments!


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Am following up on my earlier postings and wanted to say that we did go with Sonos. It was pricey but we LOVE it!

Our only complaint, and we don't know if this is due to Sonos being wireless, or due to living in an apartment building, or what, is that every now and then our subwoofers "pop" - the a/v guy blamed other radio frequency signals - no idea if that is correct.

Our speakers and subs are buried in the walls and run back to a home run closet. We control the music from our computers, ipad, or droid or iphone.

Trying to figure out if the popping noise is related to something like maybe using the landline phone or running the microwave, but so far we can't make it happen.

Anyway, as far as the system goes, we would buy sonos again just b/c it makes it so easy to access your music, radio, etc.

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I have six zones of sonos. Love it.

Never had an issue with my subwoofers popping, I'm in a house though.

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What is HTD?

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HTD - please see - a manufacturer of "wired" whole house audio distribution systems.

Sonos - please see - a manufacturer of "wireless" whole house audio distribution systems.

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