risers in entertainment center

vegasneonSeptember 23, 2008

Surely someone else has this problem but I searched and couldnt find a prior post. When my cable box and DVD player are in the entertainment center I have to rise them up a couple inches because there is a wood frame around the glass doors. Otherwise the little ir "eyes"(?) for the remote would be behind wood. I have been using metal cookie tins but this makes both kind of tippy if you touch them or need to move them. Most often the problem is my little granddaughter wants to load her own DVDs, so I let her push the button for the tray to come in and out so I can avoid her touching the actual DVD- that being MY job. So what do other people do? Should I build little wood made to fit shelves or is there an easy solution? Is it better for these hot appliances to sit on wood or metal, I assume wood.

Thanks for your help, Rebecca

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Can't you adjust the shelves?

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My take is that this is the "floor" of the cabinet, so there is no adjustable shelf.

Rebecca, easiest would be to raise the devices up so they clear ir eyes on the devices clear the bottom rail on the cabinet door. Small blocks of wood under each foot will do the trick but they might not be stable enough, perhaps an inverted "U" type of assembly out of a small piece of plywood and a thickness of wood on each side to raise the plywood up a few inches would suffice.

If you want to get fancy you can get an ir repeater or ir extender, something along those lines. Those have little ir "eyes" that you can install within line of sight of the remote, the other end gets plugged in to the device you want to control. They vary in complexity. And in price.

You can search online, but they do also sell them at stores like Radio Shack.


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