How to remove tiles glued to a display board

aliusaJuly 7, 2014


This may sound like an odd question but here it goes:

I purchased a 24x24 mosaic medallion which I got for a great price. HOWEVER, it's still glued (silicone) to the display board. Any thoughts or tricks on how I can get it removed without breaking the tiles?


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First of all, why don't you have the seller remove it? If you break any pieces.....which you might well do, what are you gonna do?

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What is the display board made of? Could it be soaked in water to make it disintegrate?

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It would take you days, but I would think that you could slice each mosaic piece from the board using a scalpel or another thin blade tool. Silicone is a rubbery material when cured and I think the easiest way to free something from it is to slice it free.

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Don't do it with yourself if you haven't any experience of it. It can break your tiles. Take a professional service for it and they can do this for you.

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One alternative might be to buy a Fein saw or a generic Fein saw like a Dremel or Rockwell Sonicrafter then use that to cut the tile off the backer board.

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