Urinary Tract Infection ?

carla35March 20, 2007

My SIL has a UTI and had a question but I've never had one so I wasn't sure what to tell her.

She said she had UTI, but really didn't have any symptoms for it; It was just caught during some routine testing or something. Anyway, is she suppose to go back to the doctor to have her urine checked again to make sure it is cleared up? She said she took her last anitbiotic pill today, but that it actually seems like she is peeing a lot more than usual. Although she never did have any real UTI symptoms. Does she just hope the antibiotic cleared the infection up, and just wait it out to see if she ever gets any strong symptoms? Or should she have them run another test to make sure it's gone? What's the norm if you don't really have any symptoms to begin with?


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What antibiotic was she on and for how long? I think now you only need a couple pills.
Personally........I would just assume the infection was taken care of and not get another test.
Just be sure she knows to wear cotton undies and always wipe front to back after peeing. And supposedly, cranberry juice helps prevent these infections.(make sure its not high in sugar).
In my experience, the most common symptom is burning with urination. But I know people who get back pain, and headaches.

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She could have a slight infection that simply wasn't bad enough to cause her pain. It's good that it was caught in time. It's much easier to treat. If her doctor told her to come back, that's what she should do. It's one way to tell if it was all cleared up.

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Wow, she is incredibly lucky that she didn't have any symptoms. I have had two bladder infections in my life (I am 52) and I won't forget either one, EVER!. It is extremely painful.

The last one had me calling any OB/GYN that I had ever seen in my life, at 1:00 a.m. I was desperate for someone to call in a prescription for me at the local hospital.

Finally found one on-call, told him my problem and without hesitation he called it in. I was out the door, in the car and speeding towards the hospital at 2:00 in the morning.

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Thanks guys, I almost forgot I asked this!

I don't know what antibiotic she was on.

zoewolf, I hear you...I remember my roommate got one in college and I had to skip class to drive her to the doctor; I thought she may have been dying!

I talked to her last night and she said she called and the nurse told her to come in next week to run the test again to make sure it was gone.

Thanks for your posts.

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She should have the test to make sure it is gone. Otherwise the infection can travel to the kidneys and damage them.

Since she did not notice the UTI symptoms, she needs to have the test done. Usually if the antiboitics do not work the patient KNOWS right away because the symptoms either do no go away or they return with a vengance.

UTI's can be so severe that there is blood and/or pus in the urine. Incontinence is the usual symptom - very embarassing. There is not always pain. There is usually a horrible odor to the urine.

With a first time bladder infection, she was probably prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic. If that did not work she will be given an antibiotic made specifically to target UTI's - like Cipro.

UTI's have nothing to do with hygeine.

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"UTI's have nothing to do with hygeine.". This is not 100% true, UTIs are mostly caused by bacteria which can be caused by not washing or wiping properly.

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Frequent urinating may be a symptom of UTI. To take the test is the only way to make sure the infection is gone.

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One good way to keep UTIs away is to limit coffee, tea, caffeine sodas and citrus drinks and drink lots of water all through the day. Some people take showers instead of baths, I don't know if that is really relevant, but I have heard that it helps. UTI's are somnetimes referred to as the "honeymooners disease" because the uthera (hope that is the right term) can become irritated by prolonged lovemaking. I have no advice for you there...

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Most (but not all) UTIs are caused by thr e.coli bacteria. Now, e.coli is normal in the colon and large intestine. The dead bacteria make up a large part of the normal stool. However, it is NOT normal when it's found in either the uretha or the vagina. In either place, it causes a lot of problems. One way it gets there is by not wiping from front to back.

The other way is by taking tub baths instead of showers. Long soaks in warm water allows the bacteria to migrate from the anal area to the bladder or vagina. So showers are often the cure for recurring UTIs.

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When I had a bad migraine last week, I threw up several times. At the risk of sounding gross, I wet myself each time. This past Sunday, my urine was cloudy and smelled. Turns out I have a UTI. I think it was from the incontinence I had. I'm on Levaquin now for a week.

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My UTI is from e coli. I have to give another sample next week, after I finish the antibiotics. I can't stop sweating and running to the bathroom.

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I feel another UTI coming on. I'm seeing my GYN for my annual today. Will find out if I actually have one. My back hurts this morning, and I have a headache. Been peeing a lot.

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Ladies, I have had a few bladder infections. No big deal, I drank lot of water and unsweetened cranberry juice (yuck!) and it would go away.

THEN, I got one that was the most painful thing I've ever endured, including childbirth. I ended up in the hospital for two days. It had travelled to my kidneys and I had e-coli in my blood. This can kill you.

If you have a bladder infection PLEASE... GO TO THE DOCTOR! I can't emphasis this enough. I wouldn't want anyone to go through what I went through.

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I'm having symptoms (cloudy urine that smells; headache and neck aches), but I work 6 days a week and can't readily get to the doctor.

The drugstores now sell an over-the-counter test. I'm going to try it out today. If it tests positive, I'm going to call my doctor to insist on an antibiotic.

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cheerful1: I am not a medical professional, but have been involved with multiple UTIs that a family member has had. As others have mentioned, don't mess with a UTI. You need to leave a urine sample and allow the lab to culture it for a couple of days. Also, specific antibiotics are prescribed for specific culture bacteria, so your doctor should (note, should) await the test results before prescribing an antibiotic, although he might start you on a more "common" antibiotic while awaiting the test results.

After the antibiotics are finished (some are taken for 3 days, others two weeks, etc.), the surest thing is for a follow-up urine test. That's the only way to know for sure that it has cleared up. Just because one feels better is no guarantee. Our family member did not have a follow-up test last year. Sure enough, the antibiotic did not completely deal with the bacteria and urosepsis developed. Basically, the bacteria got into her blood stream and then got circulated throughout her body and through all organs. If urosepsis is left untreated, the patient can die. Our family member was hospitalized for two weeks, followed by another month in a rehab center. This is not to scare you or anyone, but what might be a "simple UTI" can mushroom into something deadly if not treated properly and thoroughly.

I'd like to say "good luck", but somehow "luck" is just not appropriate for this discussion.

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I got really bad symptoms yesterday. Was running to the bathroom every 10 minutes, with very little coming out. After I finish, I get this feeling like I'm going to pass a watermelon!

This was the first time that there was blood in the urine. I have a headache this morning, and am sweating. I tried to hold my urine until I got to work, but was unsuccessful.

Will be heading to the doctor tonight.

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I have to share my experience. I started having VERY frequent UTIs after remarrying 13 years ago. This was a very big deal to me because I have severe allergic reactions to just about every antibiotic there is. One night at work I was so miserable that a close friend recognized what was wrong with me.
He shared with me that his wife had been going through this for years and her Doctor had recommended 1000 mgs of Vitamin C a day. Supposedly the acid the Vitamin C puts in the UT kills the bacteria. She started the 1000mgs right away and hadn't had a UTI since.
I stopped by the grocery store on the way home that night and bought some and started taking it then and there.

That was about 4 years ago and I haven't had a UTI since. Just any plain old cheap brand has worked fine for me. 1000mg a day, every day. If you already have a UTI, then by all means, get the antibiotic and take it. Get rechecked to make sure that it gets cleared up. But, do yourself a favor and try the Vitamin C also. Your body will naturally get rid of what it doesn't need in your urine with no dangerous build up in your body. I told my Doctor what I was doing when I went to see him for something else and he said to keep it up if it worked for me.

It has been a wonderful miracle for me.

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I suffered with persistent, reoccurring urinary tract infection for 6 months. I tried every single thing I could possibly find and nothing worked. After a 3 month course of antibiotic I finally felt like I was cured, sure enough 2 weeks later...another infection. So this is what I came up with and decided to share my success story. Now there are many theories of UTI causes but this is what I found to be true. antibiotic works no doubt but when you take it the medication kills ALL bacteria in your body, good and bad. This prevents your body from fighting off a new infection, which is why all these people are suffering from reoccurring UTI. The key is taking a daily probiotic and vitamin C to boost up your immune system to fight off bacteria. Also, upon my research I stumbled on a product called Urinary Tract Complete. Im not sure why it works but every time I have that bladder irritation feeling (start of UTI) I take a swig of this product and the next day the feeling is GONE!!! Please try this...it really saved me from my suffering. I ope this helps!!

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Yes...good health in general, also, very important to slow down your eating habit and chew your food very thoroughly.

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I was getting chronic UTIs and my urologist suggested taking a cranberry supplement. I have also radically changed my diet over the year and haven't had a UTI in 18 months which is amazing (for me).

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If she took antibiotics, then she should be good to go

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In such cases what you need to do is that drink lemon water regularly 3 and 4 time daily it will really work for you as you know the good effect of lemon water it purify the impurity of our body and make our body refresh because it contain hydrates and oxygenates. Hydrates and oxygenates are very effective salt to remove the impurity of our body.

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I had a stroke. In the hospital they found out about the infection.It never gave me pain.Do as your doctor tells you to do.With his treatment it soon cleared up.

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