Advice on cleaning hardwood with a polyurethane coating

jules1906July 18, 2011

We had Kempas hardwood flooring installed 2 1/2 years ago. I was told by the salesman after the fact that Bruce or Bona hardwood floor cleaner was not a good choice, nor is vinegar and water. We have two dogs and five young children so we get a lot of traffic and the floors need more than a damp mop which the salesman recommends. There seems to be a filmy residue which will not come up. Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated!

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We have been using Bruce for 3 years. It cleans great with no residual film. Also heard great reviews on Bona. Everything your salesman said goes against thousands of recommendations from other users.

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You need a new salesman:-)

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Well, at least you didn't say I need a new floor. :) Because I'm regretting we got this floor lately. I just can't get the film off every tine I clean it, whether I use a damp mop or the wood cleaners. So would you recommend using Bruce or Bona? Thanks again.

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Either one. Bruce is a little cheaper.

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I actually tested vinegar and water against Bona. It was a draw. We had a film on our floor and I do think it was due to build up. A housekeeper we had swore by Murphy's oil soap or something like that and would use it on the floor behind our backs. Turns out the film was some sort of build up. We used the vinegar and water - maybe 50/50 mix - and that did get rid of film. I think we did that once or twice. After the films was gone we used a more dilute vinegar and water solution. I also tried Orange Glo which was very very good. We sometimes use Bona on occasion. Sometimes I really wonder if the floors get "accostumed" to the cleaner and need a break or change ever so often. Good luck.

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There is your problem! DO NOT use Orange Glow or Bona's polish (NOT to be confused with their cleaner, which is a fine product). They are cheap acrylic wax finishes that will never last long then soon look like crap.

To get rid of the problem residue use a mixture of ammonia and floor cleaner. Try a cup to a gallon 1st working up to a higher percentage of ammonia until you see the wax coming off then get it all off!

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I'm assuming by your username you are familiar with Kempa wood flooring as well? The store we bought our flooring from recommends using none of these products but a small amount of soap to about a gallon of water, or just a lightly damp mop. He claims that Bona/Bruce floor cleaners are *not* to be used on Kempa flooring, but what he suggests just isn't enough to get our floors *clean*! I'm at such a loss here and feel like we were sold the wrong type of flooring.

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Did he give you a reason? I know of none that would harm the floor, regardless of the species, assuming it is polyurethane finished.

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