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g_landJuly 7, 2006

Its been 14 days ago since I lost my boyfriend... I had never lost a close person until now and it has been so heartbreaking for me, since he was like a pilar in my life, like the motor who kept me going and who made anything look brighter. Now life looks really empty and my reason for every single breath is gone.. I'm do in love with him, and knowing that all our plans of growing old together are now vanished. I feel this pain wont ever go... It's very supportive to find forums like this one..

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I am sorry for your loss g_land. It must have been unexpected? Not that makes a difference, but you have more time to prepare and time to say goodbye.

If you have a home church, they may have a grief support group.

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I'm very sorry for the loss of your boyfriend. I also believe that it may help to go to a support group.
Tell us about your boyfriend. We are interested in hearing all about him.

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Praying has certainly helped me alot, it has brought me comfort somehow in believing that my prayers are helping his soul now.
Chris was a person with a charming personality, always making people smile, humble and with a huge heart. We both loved architecture and drawing, and he was very good at it, I always told him I wanted to be someday a good architect as he was, and he told me he knew someday I'd be one. He used to be my reason for trying to give my best, and he will still be.
A year ago he was diagnosed with cancer in his intestine. He was in the hospital for some days and after a treatment everything seemed fine again, but a few months ago he started feeling symptoms again and the doctors decided to cut part of his intestine before it would spread even more. I was scared about it, but he would just smile and tell me not to be scared about it, because he wasn't scared and evrything would be alright.
The night before the day of the surgery, he said he would rest because he was having a fever. He said he loved me as he would always do, he gave me a goodnight kiss and that was the last time I spoke with him. That night he was taken to the hospital for emergency, that was June 15th.. They made the surgery, but doctors didn't say anything positive, he was unconscious since that day.. The next week doctors said he was still unconscious and seemed as if he wasn't coming back, the only person allowed to see him was his brother, I asked him to let him know that I loved him and will always love him. After a week of pain he passed away June 23rd..He was 30 years old.
He will always be my love and the light of my days, and I believe in that we will be together in the other world.

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I'm so sorry about your loss. Through all the agonizing emotional pain you have a great attitude. One way to stay close to him and to honor his memory is to do your best. Take care.

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I'm so sorry for your loss, my 23 year old daughter passed away suddenly on may 28 this year, her boyfriend of nearly 6 years is devastated, his dreams of getting married,having children are gone.
I'm sorry you weren't allowed to see you boyfriend in hospital, that must have been really tough.
Do you keep in contact with his family??
We are in contact with David's family all the time and it helps, my daughter will always be a part of him, and he of her.
Do you see a griefcouncelor? it may help, we are seeing one too, it's good to talk to someone about your feelings, so it could be a good idea to see one.
Take care

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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your boyfriend and so young. I lost my Mom February 28th, she was 56 years old and passed away of pancreatic cancer, which had spread to her intestines. My prayers are with you in your healing process

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Im very sorry for ur loss bizzarbazzar and sheebah, your loved ones are in my prayes as well..
Sheebah, I understand David very much, I can tell how he feels, feeling there won't be ever somebody that will compare to her in his life...but it's so meaningful that you and the rest of the family keep in touch with him since you are the closest he has now from your daughter. Unfortunately I don't keep any contact with his family, and that has hurt me for the same reason I told you, they are the nearest I have now from him. He had just his brother and his mom, since his dad passed away time ago. His brother kept always the distance and he still does. I think that it would help me alot being close to them, but unfortunately it isnt possible.

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