Itchiness from heat or stress? No rash or marks.

mitchy02March 8, 2007

Lately when it gets somewhat hot or when I get stressed, I get a rush of prickly spikes (that feels like it's poking me) which then I get really itchy all over my body, arms and legs.

What's weird is that I dont get any heat rashes or bumps or red marks. I do get heat rash sometimes when I work out though but this isn't the case.

Anyone know what I'm talking about or a way to get this of this?


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Hmm...sounds like hives,which I think can be brought on by stress.
When I get very upset,break out in big red blotches all over my chest.They dont itch though and usually go away when I calm down.
I think if you go to the doctor,they can give you something for the itching...maybe even for the stress too.

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mitchy.......are you female? Could you be in perimenopause? You can get funky things like that when your hormones start fluctuating.
Also, be sure to take a multivitamin every day......and be sure to get "B" supplements too. That can affect your sensory stuff.
My neck used to get so itchy, and I discovered that it was dairy products.....especially ice cream, so be aware of what you've eaten in the last 24 hours too.
When I went through perimenopause, I got all sorts of funky neuro stuff........buzzing and tingling in my legs and abdomen, feeling like the top of my scalp was contracting. The B vitamins really helped.

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