derrywJuly 29, 2004

Hi Pat... just stopping by to say "Hello" and wondering how things are going for you and you Mom, and how you are feeling? Derry

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Hi Derry, glad to hear someone was thinking of me. It has been pretty hectic around here trying to study for exams and keeping a watch on mom. I am not pleased at all with the nursing home she is in. I go there at different times of the day and there is something always amiss. I went by the other day and she wasn't in her room, but her food tray was, found her in the dining room at the table with no food and she said her feet were cold and she had no shoes. Guess what! Her shoes were gone. The next day it was her glasses. I know things get missing, but the food issue worries me. This wasn't the first time I've been there and she hadn't had her dinner. I have an appt with the administrator tomorrow to see if we can make sure she at least gets fed on time, I have a feeling if she isn't in her room she doesn't get to eat.This worries me. Patty

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For real!! The administrator should be concerned too, because one of the quality control parameters for nsg homes is the weight of much they lose, etc. I would really press her on this.
When my Mom was in rehab once, I arrived to find her at the table for breakfast without either her dentures or her glasses. Of course not eating. It was the saddest thing.
Good luck with your endeavors. I'm sorry it is so hard, but I know it is. (((Patty))) Derry

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