Laminate Floors From Expo Floors

kenwindancerJuly 18, 2010

Hello, does anyone have any experiences with laminate floors from Expo Floors ( They're a fairly new company, maybe about five years old. They seem to be very reasonably priced at around $1.50 to $2.00 per sq foot for the 12mm types. Thanks.

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I am also on the verge of purchasing laminate from Expo Flooring! Did you finally purchase yours and are you happy with the product?

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In the name of God, DO NOT BUY LAMINATE FLOORING. I don't care what you read here, it cannot be cleaned without leaving a film that you must crawl on your hands and knees with a towel to buff up. Otherwise it looks likes you sprayed Pam on the cleaned surface. can at least care for that with good results

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Oh yes, a final thought...when I use the cleaners recommended by my flooring manufacturer, after the "cleaned" areas is dry. I can play tic-tac-toe in the area by drawing on it with my finger..the dogs leave foot tracks in it...I can draw unhappy faces, and these are all easily photographed. Why isn't the film problem discussed with you when you buy the flooring? That is a very good question.

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In reply to Allenel1948, the film you mention, do you mean the Expo Floors brand or laminates in general? What did you get? I believe the darker tones of laminates are infamous for the visible film and dust.

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I purchased flooring from Expo Floors that I discovered was clearly not first quality. Their thirty year warranty does not cover warped or squeaky floors (in very fine print). The people who run Expo Floors have absolutely no regard for their customers. Buy at your own risk, though they are really not worth the risk. Buy to better quality material from a reputable US company and you will sleep better and live longer!

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