How many RG6 from street to wiring enclosure?

BlackAceAugust 14, 2012

Hi there, we are about to close up the walls with drywall in our new construction home. We have a structured wiring enclosure in a closet with home run phone, data and tv throughout the house. I noticed the installer only pulled one RG6 from the street. Does that mean I'm splitting a single signal for all of the RG6 connections in the house, including Internet and TV?

In previous houses, I was always told to at least have a dedicated line from the street to the outlet where the Internet router connects, but I've never had a wiring enclosure before, so I'm unsure if the same rules apply.

It seems like this is just a glorified daisy-chain system, but again... I don't know what I don't know.

Help? :)

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I'm assuming by "from the street" you mean an NID (network interface device) or any other termination point on the "outside of your house" used by telephone or cable companies. It's not your responsibility to actually go to the street.

Services entering your house may include telephone, cable, satellite, or an OTA antenna so you want to provide the appropriate wiring options for each from the outside of your house to your equipment closet.

Yes, you are splitting incoming signals whether directly (sometimes they may be amplified for distribution) or indirectly (such as an internet router) from the equipment closet to each room.

This is the proper way to do it to allow you to distribute the needed signals to each room as required.

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