Help Chafing Dish Burner Won't Light!

mayfirstAugust 17, 2007

I have a beautiful silver plated chafing dish which I recently inherited. I am at my wit's end trying to light the burner that comes with it. I have purchased two types of chafing dish/fondue fuels without success. I am posting a photo of a burner almost identical to mine. It is a round silver plated container with a screw in top which holds the wick. There is a long handle attached to this top which regulates the amount of height that the wick extends. I assume that closing it completely is intended to extinguish the flame but the darn thing will not light at all. I have trimmed the wick on both ends and it is plenty long enough to soak into the fuel. The part sticking up is wet. What am I doing wrong? AGGHH

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of Dish with Burner

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Hmmm, must be the wiring. Just kidding ya, this is an electronics type of forum. :) I'll bet the Kitchen Forum folks can help you out.

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No idea how I stumbled on this post....but I did!
The burner you showed is an alcohol burner....needs fuel to burn. You need to buy "chafing dish fuel" or denatured alcohol and remove the lid of the thing-ey that holds the wick...pour some in, replace the top....wait a few minutes for it to soak up into the wick and then light it.
That little cone shaped doo-dah is the douter....the snuffer...the thing that puts out the flame.
Looks like a lovely chafing dish!
Linda C

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