'Funny' hip joint pain. ???

LibbyLizMarch 21, 2006

The first time I experienced the "funny" hip joint pain is when I was skinny & in shape. I went skiing (approximately 1993) & fell while getting off the lift. It felt like my hip joint popped out of place. The pain was like a severe leg cramp in a way & all I could do was wiggle around while on that leg to pop it back into place. The ski lift personnel had to stop the lift & wanted to call ski patrol to get an ambulance to take me to the hospital but I just hissed at them to get away from me & once the joint was back in place I was fine.

But it's happened again since then. Most recently it happened during sex! :oops: And it's happened during exercise.

I always just thought the "joint dislocation" was from having a 9.5 pounder by natural birth & his head getting stuck. I also never saw a doc for it due to such thinking, embarrassment, it not happening all the time & thinking I'd get one of the many "blow off" answers (lose weight, exercise, it's normal, it'll go away...). None of these possible answers work for me though.

Has anyone had this or know of anyone who has had this? Do you know what it's called? Do you know what can be done for it?

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I'm a ski patroller :) a truly dislocated hip would have you screaming in pain, unable to stand up, begging for an ambulance.

It happens to me sometimes - it's a cramp in one of the muscles near the hip joint. To detect which muscle, stand holding the back or a chair or a counter-top and move your leg so you are drawing a big circle on the floor with your toes ... feel that area for a muscle that is bunching up and thinning out.

The best preventive is exercise: specifically leg lifts (lying on your side) to strengthen the muscles there, toe-circles as described above for strehgthening and stretching, and stretching by various methods such as sitting crosslegged and leaning forward between your knees.

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I have the same problem during...er...ah.. special momments, that's a position that is not what we would call usual except maybe during some exercise movements. I just straighten out my leg, try to move it around and relax (Ha!!) It as if the hip joint is moved too far in the socket and muscles or tendon or something sort of seize up. I don't worry about it.

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I've had it happen, actually had to go to PT for it. PT told me that think of hip joint and thigh like cogs, only not as uniform as cogs, so if it "slips" it is still connected, just not as in sinc. Did that make sense. So it will now rub. Doesn't feel good, and can be "popped" back into place - fairly easily.


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It happened again today, on the doc's table! While he had me in a strange position at one point & was bending, flexing, etc., my knees because of 16+ years of pain around the knee caps & swelling & tenderness at the back of the leg/knee.

The hip joint popping isn't really super painful per se, but more like a strong charley horse of sorts, or hitting a funny bone real hard. Crud, I wanted to come up off the table & tackle the doc when it happened!!! LOL

So, leg lift & toe circle exercises, 'eh? I'll give 'em a try & hope it doesn't continue to happen, like it did during Yoga & Pilates classes! I was so embarrassed!

Thanks for the info!

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Actually your hip can pop out without serious pain if you have hypermobile joints. I discovered that my hips pop out while in jr high. It never bothered me popping it out except while in those positions. I'm 32 yrs old now and the pain in my hip has become more and more excrusiating. I'm seeing a doc who thinks my tendons are the culprit. We'll see, I hope. The pain is on my outer hip and radiates to my inner knee and right lower back. It's a real problem since the pain occurs while sitting, standing or laying down. Strong pain killers, motrin, and cortisone aren't much help either.

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I've had this popping in my right hip for years and now am really really suffering with pain to the point of crippling me. I've heard of a laberal tear in the hip joint? But, surgery is iffy. I don't have insurance and am going to be forced to go through medicare or something like that. I need to get it diagnosed and go from there. But, I can perfectly understand your pain, it sounds exactly like mine.

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Based on the description, I seem to have a very similar condition. It feels like my hip has popped out and it's more uncomfortable than it is painful. I move my leg around awkwardly and when it "pops" back in, it's the best sensation in the world. For me, it only happens when I'm sitting down or squatting and it's never happened while doing physical activity. It seems to occur most commonly when exiting my car.

I first started experiencing this when I was 15. I notice that it's consistent with the time that I started training my splits for martial arts. It would happen occasionally for the next several years but it's become very common recently. I've been practicing my splits almost every day for the past few months and have been making significant progress flexibility-wise. However, last week, the slipping must have happened every day, several times a day.

Last night, it happened before I fell asleep but I was too tired to pop it in. I woke up with the sensation still present but slightly diminished. I never succeeded in popping it back in but the feeling has faded greatly since last night... am I ok?

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I took a medicine called glucosamide (glucosamene) for a week and I really did feel a difference.

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My hip popped out while sleeping . I limped for two weeks. Ii was just standing by my counter and it just poped in. I'm find now.

back in.

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hi guys,

i had this feelibng all the time that my hip was out of place (after a bad riding accident fall). i could pop it backwards and forwards as i was sitting and it made my leg longer and shorter compared to my oher if i did this... this also gave be inner knee pain and groin pain as i walked (like my legs were turned in) as well as lower back pain on the affected side

my 2 pence worth is to go check with an osteopath - it turned out that my pelvis was misaligned and as soon as it was put right all popping and pain ceased (immediately i might add!)

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Every joint needs exercise. I told my dentist it felt like my jaw was trying to lock up when I ate. He said to exercise my jaw. He explained that muscle keep the joints in place, when a muscle gets weak you have a problem. I do the jaw exercises a couple of times a day and it has helped. I would have loved having a tape recorder the first time I did the exercises the doc suggested. The crunching sounded awful. I just hear an occasional pop now. I would never have believed it if I had not exercised. My neck makes noise when I turn it to far.

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I have had groin pain on my right side and numbness on the outside of my right leg (above the knee) since 1985. Needless to say, Doctors and Chiropractors have not been able to diagnose or treat me....and I have seen many. It is especially painful if I use my right leg as my lead leg instead of my left to go up steps or when I first get up from sitting for awhile. I usually don't feel anything slip out of place, I just notice that it starts to ache again. A couple of years ago, I discovered by accident that it was actually my hip joint. I had my grandson in my arms and was softly bouncing him againt me to calm him and put him to sleep. My body must have been completed relaxed. I squatted straight down to retrieve a pacifier and felt my hip joint adjust itself. I just thought it was my old body creaking. Since that time, I have found that I am able to make the pain go away myself. I am not normally a relaxed person at all. I carry my stress in my back and shoulders and often find myself with pain in both shoulders. This is from carrying my shoulders up around my ears!....In fact, I often find myself sleeping this way and have to make a conscience effort to relax...even in bed. By accident again, I found that if I lay on my right side in bed (painful with right groin pain) and am COMPLETELY relaxed (this sometimes requires a couple of doses of SKELAXIN as prescribed and taken for several days for me) I can maneuver it back in place. The movement sometimes requires me to lift my hip from the bed and place it down either forward or backward and slide the hip around on the bed, or even slight movement in a circular motion either on the bed or while lifted. I feel it go back in place and have IMMEDIATE RELIEF! I hope this helps someone else.

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I have had this same pain since I gave birth in 2010. I recently went to the ER because the pain had become so severe that I couldn't sit or stand comfortably. I explained to the doctor where the pain was and what I was feeling, and she determined it was my sciatic nerve. Which, at the time, it was. She continued to tell me that my hip cannot pop out of place until I have had some kind of injury or have arthritis.

Being the passive aggressive girl that I am, I politely took her advice and scripts and left. However, I do believe my hip is popping or shifting out of place, and it used to only happen during sex (any position)but now if I sit wrong or sit up in a funny way it shifts. It's super duper painful but if I wiggle around it goes back and feels better.

I'm going to be getting an actual doctors appointment set up in the next few days (the ER doctors told me that their job is to make sure we don't die that night) and get myself checked out. I have a few other problems to take care of, too. I'm still not sure what to do for it in the meantime. Painkillers don't help, icing it doesn't help, heat doesn't help....Usually just popping it back in helps, but when my Sciatic nerve acts up I have to take Mobic, Flexiril, and Ultram (but I'm allergic to Ultram). Even then I just get knocked out and sleep through the pain.

Anywhoser, I suppose I can update everyone on what my doctor says about it. See if it helps anyone.

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I can tell you that it is not your bone, mostly because your (hip bone) does not exist, it is your Femur (upper leg bone) connecting to your os coxaes ( what most people believe is their hip) There are two huge muscles so it was most likely a cramp. Or it may be a worn out causing your muscle to have more room than normal between the tissue and the bone. This is actually common in older people but it really depends of course your sex (females have more problems due to child birth), and your lifestyle.

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What these people has written down here i don't understand.

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