do any of you buy health products online- at a decent price

ilmbgMarch 30, 2009

I am wondering if anyone buys their health products- like eye drops, Tylenol- routine things. The sites I have looked at are horribly expensive.

I am many miles from a decent store, as I live in a remote area- the Montana/Wyoming border.

Thank you.

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I've used and been happy with the service, prices. Often they have free shipping on orders of $25 or more, but sometimes it's $40 or more. It's not hard to spend $25, or $40 either! I've ordered vitamins, chapstick, lotion, dental care stuff, make-up, etc.

I bet you live in beautiful country. Getting this routine stuff shipped to you would sure seem to be a big convenience.


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AARP used to have great prices on that sort of stuff, but since they've affiliated themselves with Walgreen's, that stopped. I've never heard of myself. I'll have to check it out.

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We buy our health products on and we are really happy with them. They have great choice, superfast shipping and good prices. I have dry eye and omega3 helps me and when I got my omega from local drugstore it got bad. After I again went and ordered from i-herb it is better again. So I stick with and believe that their stuff is actually good quality. Anyway, if you try I hope you will be satisfied as we are.

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Never!!!! I never purchased health products online. I think it is a very risky. Prefer to buy them from stores.

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I have used and was happy with them.
I also use QCI Nutritionals for vitamins. Their Omega 3s
I would say are burp free. I know the Doctor that owns
the company. I used to go to him before he moved to Florida.

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