Need advice about taking up tile floor...

raineygirlJuly 7, 2012

It's time now to replace my flooring throughout and I was thinking about taking up the tile floor in my sunsroom which is about 9 X 10 and the carpet and put down laminate flooring. I was told that taking up tile is very messy and costly. Somebody said I could take it up myself. Not sure about that but any comments would be appreciated.

Also, can lamininate flooring be sealed where the planks meet? I heard that this can be done to protect it from cats having an accident when you are not home.

Right now, I have old carpet and I do have 2 cats and one is senior and having some issues. Whether I get carpet or laminate floors, I still have to consider how it will wear with my cats. I want the easiest cleanup I can find:) Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Is the tile in your sunroom ceramic or vinyl? Do you know what is under the tile, concrete slab or wood subfloor? How you take it up depends on type and what is underneath.

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the tile in the sunroom is ceramic and it has a wood subfloor. I'm in a 2nd floor condo. I wanted to put down laminate flooring but if it's going to be too expensive and dirty to do, I might have to change my plans.

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It is going to be dirty no matter what.

Expensive depends on if you do the work or pay for the work.

It is mostly grunt labor and hand work.

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It'll make lots of dust. It's not technically difficult, but takes some elbow grease running an electric chisel (think mini jackhammer). Cheap if you DIY. I don't know that it would be that expensive to pay someone to do it.

Tile is easy to clean up. You said that's your main goal. Why do you want to change your flooring to laminate?

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Well, the only reason I want to change it is because the tile goes out from the sunroom into the living room around the fireplace and the way the living room is laid out, it cuts it up with the tile. I just thought it would look better when both areas flow together. I never really liked how the living room was designed because the fireplace is on a wall that is on an angle. Hard to explain without you seeing it. I know some of my neighbors did laminate throughout the sunroom and living room/foyer area and much to my surprise, they took up the tile around the fireplace. I dont think that was a good idea at all. Looks nice though. Believe me, I'd rather not take the tile up but it's old and the grout that I had stained a while back is chipping. I'm still trying to decide what to do

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If you post a photo it would help us visualize and perhaps offer additional advice.

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Here's a view from my living room. Sunroom is on the right behind the fireplace which is all tile too.

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I just didnt think putting laminate down next to the tile would like that good. Anyway, the tile's grout is chipping in some areas. I had that done a few years ago and it looked nice. Now, it needs it again. I'm not looking forward to the mess taking the tile up will bring. I'm not going to do it myself; rather pay to have it done. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I do intend to leave some tile around the fireplace.

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I see what you're saying...those are odd angles. Is the door in the upper right in photo #2 an outside door?

Can you post a photo looking from the sunroom into the living room?

BTW, this is getting into more of a design question. You might post these photos and your question over in the home decorating forum.

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