What do I need to know to buy a wall mount?

redcurlsAugust 24, 2012

I have been looking at a swivel wall mount for a new LCD we are installing. The TV needs to swivel so I can view it in one room OR turn it in the opposite direction to face another room. I know exactly where to mount the hardware to do this. The mounts mention VESA 100x100 or 400x400 etc. I am not sure what that refers to. Do I just buy one that says it will fit a 42" television weighing up to 66 lbs...mine weighs less. The televsion manual doesn't say a word other than to be sure you buy a mount that is capable of supporting its weight. Thank you so much for helping!

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Sounds like what you are looking for is what's known as an articulating wall mount.

The VESA (video electronics standards association) 75x75 through 800x400 numbers refer to the horizontal x vertical spacing of the 4 mounting holes on the back of the display. You look for a wall mount based on the VESA mounting standard, the television's weight (not size) and if any type of movement desired.

Typically, for an articulating wall mount, I will only use one rated for about 150% of the television's weight - sometimes mfgs. are just a little too optimistic and there's nothing worse than getting done and finding the television and mount sagging when extended.

Also, for some reason, the included lag bolts that attach the wall mount to the studs are almost always the absolute cheapest available and then almost always one will snap off during installation - go to the hardware store and just purchase some better quality lag bolts of the same size beforehand.

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Good advice from Bill!! I always get some 3/8" galvanized lag bolts from HD or the hardware store. Though the bolts need not be galvanized for interior applications, I find those units to be extremely strong compared to the junk that comes with the mounts. I also usually mount a piece of 3/4" plywood to the wall first that is larger than the footprint of the mount, then, affix the mount to the plywood. I have never had a failure *knock on wood*.

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I bought a TV a few years back and found that the hole size used on it was one typically used on larger TV's, so when I shopped for articulating wall mounts, I ended up getting a rather heavy duty one in order to get the right mount size. At least it will hold up for a long time.

If your manual does not say, you can just look at the back of the TV with a yardstick (a metric one) and measure the hole spacing.

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I'd also recommend that you don't buy from the local box stores. They have HUGE markups on brackets. You can get better stuff from places like Monoprice, or even Amazon for a fraction of the cost.

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Get information about types, prices, qualities, availability and then explore your own taste

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