hot tub rash!

chery2March 20, 2005

DH has either sensitive skin or allergies or both. Finally went to family doc, who did NOT think the rash had anything to do with our hot tub, even though DH told him that I get in the hot tub with him, and nothing happens to MY skin. Prescribed cortisone cream, which took care of rash with two applications.

Got back in hot tub yesterday, and rash returned. We can't afford an allergist and wonder if anyone knows of a particular chemical used in hot tubs that would cause this problem. Thanks. chery-va

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We had this after a hotel stay. Skin Doctor said it was from bacteria in the water. I would drain your tub, clean and refill. Bet it will help.
Judy Good

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Some people are sensitive to the bromine that is used in most hot tubs. Check all the systems and have the water tested.

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There are a lot of different sanitizing chemicals for hot tubs. Chlorine, bromine, etc. If you get a particular cartridge for your tub's filter (can't think of names right now...) you can reduce the amount of chlorine/bromine used. Do a bit of web research and experiment with different brands/formulations.

Also could be the heat - how hot is your tub? Try it a little lower, maybe. We keep ours around 95, unless it's really cold outside, in which case it's 100. My DH's sensitive skin doesn't do well with prolonged heat exposure.

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Nature 2 is the cartridge....this should help alot because of the small amount of chemicals....But you ph may be low which would also account for the rash..Hot tubs should be drained every 4 months and rebalanced....

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There may be also another reason of your problem that cleaning of hot tub is not done in proper manner.You have to clean your hot tub by vinegar and also wash it with products which are available in market.Proper cleaning and maintenance of hot tubs is must.

Here is a link that might be useful: outdoor hot tubs

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