tv antenna set-up

drewopoAugust 24, 2008

i need a little help with my set-up . just for a little info , i live in an area where i can receive tv signals from both Chicago ill and south bend in , but problem is to get them , i have to have one ant set up one one side of my roof and another ant. set up on the other side of my roof, now when i hook just one or the other to my tv i get a good signal and all the channels from there respective cities, but i need a way to hook them both into one, i have tried a coaxial combiner from radio shack but i lose all the dig/ hd stations from south bend. the down lead going to my tv if next to one of my legs for the ant that i have pointed to Chicago and i have been running the line from the other ant over to there and hooking it in there and a winegard ps-7070 amp that's hooked in by the tv

any help with how to get it to work would be gladly accepted



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I assume that the "coaxial combiner" was just a splitter hooked up backwards? That should work, but does give you about 3.5 dB loss on each of the signals. If you can't stand that loss, have you tried a coaxial switch? Radio Shack or Wallmart has those as well. Those would have lower loss.

My guess as to why you are dropping the digital HD signals is that both antennas are picking up the signals from a single tv station and combining them out of phase causing distortion of the signal. Using the coaxial switch should solve that problem as well.

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TV antenna has to setup in the outside of the home.
This antenna which helps to receive the signal and send this to TV.



Here is a link that might be useful: widecircles

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