A Sign....... Maybe???

lulie___wayneJuly 26, 2004

I observed a pretty neat thing today, but I'll give you a little background info.

I had always wished that Christin's clock that had been in her apartment, would stop at the time that she passed away, at 6:44. Well, it didn't stop at that time.

I was at my mom and dad's a few months ago and noticed that their clock on their stove was stopped at 6:44. I asked my dad how long it had been like that and he said for quite sometime. Now, I know it may not have stopped at the same date as Christin left, but it did stop at the correct time.

Last night I had a long talk with God and mom and asked them for a sign from Mom. Today I was in Christin's room organizing some of our thousands of pictures (sigh) and I looked up at the clock that had been in her apartment and had stopped a few years ago, and guess what!!! It had stopped at the same time that my mom had passed away!!!

What do you all make of that? I hope it is a sign from Mom.


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Gosh Lulie,,,,I can't think of anything else it COULD have been. Derry

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Lu, I believe God allows this to bring you comfort and to let you know that they are together with Him. Our God is a all powerful God that has heard you and has answered your prayer. Thank you Lord for giving this sign to Lu. God Bless you Lu. Nora

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I'm just thinking with 1,440 minutes in a day, it is pretty odd that TWO clocks stopped at those times in each other's houses to show that they are together, like you said, Nora. Isn't that something how God knew a few years ago what time Mom would pass away and let that clock stop at that time because He also knew that I would want that kind of sign?
When Mom was dying, I kept looking back at the clock each time she would take a breath because for some reason, knowing the time was important to me. Same for Christin.

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lu that is so awesome!!!!you must have felt a wave of comfort wash over you....signs are so important to me also...i know that since jamie died one of our signs from her is a beautiful cardinal that sits on our bird feeder every morning and looks in the window....yesterday it flew into our garage like it was trying to get in the house....that made me feel so close to her....

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Nell Jean

Take comfort where you find it. It has been said that coincidence is the Lord's way of showing His Sense of Humor.

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Terri, actually when I looked up and the clock and realized that it was the time that Mom left, I think my mouth fell open. It was almost disbelief that that could have happened that way.
I have a good friend whose son's symbol or sign is a cardinal also. I'm so glad that you get this daily. That is awesome!

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I agree, Lu, it sure could be. I know my DH always said that he felt like when he found a penny, it was a sign from the Angels that God was there. Now it seems that every time I am in a place where I do not feel real secure or I need Mel and God's comfort, I have found a penny in the oddest place. Abe is on the penny and Mel was tall, bearded and was call Abe by many because he looked like him. Now when I find a penny, I say "Hello, Mel, thanks, God"
I know if you pray for something and really beleive it will happen, it will. I know, God promised. This makes me feel much closer to Mel and know he is still around.

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Please check "Letter from Heaven" for a poem I hope will comfort you in some small way.


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lu, i most definitely believe this too. my good friends mother passed away about a year ago. next to her bed, where she had been bedridden for a couple years, was her clock. the clock had worked many, many years, but as they went thru her room the next several days after the funeral, they found the clock had stopped at the exact time of her death as well.

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Deb, I'm so glad that you told me that. Throughout bibical history and even afterwards, time and dates have been very significant. As I said before, God knew that this would be the kind of sign/gift that I would notice. Maybe others would not have ever noticed this. Sometimes I think we have to watch for signs.

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