damaged screen on samsung lcd tv

drowsyramAugust 14, 2008

We bought a 52" Samsung LCD TV using some money my late aunt left me. While installing it, my husband LEANED THE SCREEN AGAINST THE CORNER OF A SPEAKER!!!! Sorry about the yelling. It just makes me so MAD! Anyway...it made three little spots on the screen, and the next morning vertical lines started going up and down the screen from the little holes. They're now about one foot long and have "thickened" up to be about one inch wide. Grrrrrrrrrrr.........

My insurance wouldn't cover it. Our MasterCard wouldn't cover it even though we thought it had that coverage and was the reason we used the card in the first place. Samsung gave us the name of a repairman in our area. I contacted him and it would cost us $2,000 to fix it!!! $300 for the labor and $1,700 for the screen. Heck, we paid $2,800 for it. Might as well buy another brand new one.

So does anyone out there have any ideas for how to fix this problem? Help Please!!!

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get a new screen or a new tv. he cracked the display and there is no other fix.

LCD=Liquid Crystal Display. the "liquid" is leaking out to put it in laymans terms.

BTW, tell your husband that warranty/insurance/MC won't cover stupidity. and that is exactly how they look at it.

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Is it too late to purchase the extended warranty?

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Like the previous poster said , no warranty or insurance covers consumer mistakes like that. They may have had some recourse with the retailer if they fibbed a bit and said it came that way out of the box , but only if it wasn't opened and inspected at the store before delivery like most new sets are these days . I can't even imagine why someone would lean the screen surface of an expensive tv against a sharp object . Consider it lesson learned and get someone who knows what they are doing to install the next set .

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