Looking for the Brand of Special order porcelain tile from Lowes

bobbie2010July 11, 2014

Long shot but maybe someone may remember. We had just installed a glossy porcelain beige tile. Looked like something from GAP if it were white. Along came Hurricane Sandy and the house had to be demolished. We were able to pop a good many tiles up and are now reusing the ones that are in good shape. Rebuilding a whole house on a tiny budget has us reusing anything that we can but we are short a few in order to finish.

I don't have any documents from the purchase and Lowes does not keep info for more than a year. Does anyone remember a special order display in Lowes with glossy porcelain tiles. They came in white, black, beige and maybe one other color.
Thanks in advance.

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Are you sure Lowe's doesn't have records? (I guess so if you said as much.) A couple years back we needed to order carpet to match what used to be on a display, but it was no longer displayed. The guy looked me up in their system, and all our special orders were still in there for several years prior. They found who the manufacturer was on the carpet, called them to confirm they still made it (even though Lowe's no longer officially carried it), and sold it to me.

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I had them check their system on any phone number I may have used, They found a few things but no flooring orders. I may have to go in with a piece and see if anyone worked there two years ago and might remember the brand.

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I just received an email saying "spam reported" first time I have seen that and it was from weedyacres ???

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