Castle Combe wood flooring

HeatherKB6July 10, 2012

I was curious to see if any of you have or are going to have any flooring from the Castle Combe line. We are going for the rustic, wide-plank look in our new construction and love the look of their products, but are interested to know about the quality and upkeep. We were also quoted about $12/sq. foot. Is that on the really high end? Thanks in advance for any advice!

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12 per sq is about right. Its not the most expensive yet its not the cheapest.
Quality is decent. With any pre finish your going to have a few bad boards here and there just make sure you keep an eye out.

Upkeep: all wood floors can require a lot or alittle. Depends on how your cleaning ocd is. Darker the floor the more dust you will see right after cleaning.

All wood floors should be lightly cleaned once a week ( with warm water and a liitle vinegar or a light commerical product) and dust mopped as needed.

Youre never gonna be able to get rid of dust. Thats the biggest complaint out there.

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Hi HeatherKB6, did you end up using the Castle Combe floors? We are replacing old random width engineered flooring and are strongly considering this product. I think it's gorgeous. It looks like reclaimed wood from a barn or...castle. :) Would love to hear what you decided to use.

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Donnahyp, Heatherkb6, wondering if you both went with the Castle Come? I ordered our flooring yesterday. We choose the Bristol. We bought the Castle Combe at $7.89 a sq ft
We shopped for the best price, went back an forth with two different floor companies, till one beat out the other.
FYI manufactures instructions require after installation the workers oil the wood before they leave. It's required! If not your floor won't last. We called the manufacture themselves.
Ill keep you posted.

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@sheila1219 wondering if you are please with your flooring so far. Did you use it in a kitchen by chance?

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Hey Sheila 1219. How are you liking your floors? And what company did you get such a good price from? Thanks,


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