Adding a blu-ray component player; howzitwork?

sombreuil_mongrelAugust 31, 2008

How will the sound work on adding a blu-ray player to my existing "home theatre" setup. Right now the TV sends its sound signal via optical cable to the head unit, so cable tv sound comes through the 5.1 surround speakers, When I play a dvd in the head unit the sound is handled by it internally, bypassing the tv altogether. But when I add a component blu-ray, how will the sound be accounted for?



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Adding a Blu-ray player to your system will significantly improve both the video and the audio provided you have newer components that will support the player outputs. The real key is having components that accept HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface), and of course having a Television panel that supports 1080P.

Two HDMI cables one from player to receiver, another from receiver to TV...that's it...the single cable link handles HD video and surround sound!

If you at least have a receiver that supports HDMI there is a good chance it will upconvert to component video (G,B,R jacks) which is accepted by most HD TVs.

The superior PCM sound stream used by Blu-ray discs (and SACD audio) is not outputted on optical or digital coax for proprietary reasons (ie easy to record). Some Blu-ray players will output 5 or 7 individual channels + a sub on RCA plugs...again to a receiver that has individual discreet inputs.

The real solution is to go HDMI all the way to a 1080p TV...then you will be a happy camper and realize the advancements Blu-ray has to offer....if not stick with your current DVD surround setup.

Best player by the way is still a Sony Playstation 3...hard to beat for the price even if your not a gamer....the thing handles Blu-ray Movies, SACD discs, and lets you browse the net if you have a wireless network to interface it to...amazing HD graphics on the games too!

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My tv is a sharp aquos1080p, the dvd/receiver is a samsung that connects via hdmi; the regular dvd picture and surround sound is phenomenal (compared to what I had before)
The receiver only has hdmi out, and component out & in (2 each- red, white,yellow), and the optical audio in. So I need one preferably with an additional hdmi.
If that's the truth, I'll probably move this set to the second tv and get an all-in-one blu-ray surround/receiver setup.

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The Playstation 3 has even more advantages. In addition to the Blueray player and the WI-FI internet (it has USB ports to connect keyboard and mouse) you can store and play your MP3 music files on it. You can also use it as your photo album (slide show feature) and it interfaces with several Canon and Epson printers (just be sure to get the correct printer model) letting you shoot out a print of a pix that someone finds interesting. The only downside to the photo function I've found is that it insists on sorting all photos by date, negating any directory structure you have. The workaround for that is to keep the photos on a thumb drive in one of the USB ports rather than copying to the PS3 harddrive. Then it will leave your directories alone.

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