Warning dream?

Oddtree2001July 14, 2005

Last night, I had a VERY vivid dream about my mother. We were walking in a dark woods, and it became clear that someone or something was pursuing us. She pushed me to run, and kept yelling for me to run for my life. The sheer terror on her face and in her voice makes me tremble even now. But I also felt this incredible love, because she was staying behind alone to handle whatever was chasing us.

I definitely believe in visits from deceased loved ones, and this one has me at least a little worried. Anyone have any similar experiences? I think I'm going to keep on my toes even more so than usual for awhile, just in case... Hopefully, the pursuer in my dream was symbolic.

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Oddtree...of course you can keep on your toes...we all should at all times anyway. But maybe that wasn't necessarily a warning dream. Perhaps you are missing the safety and security you always felt from your mom. To me, that dream states that you are feeling lost and scared without your mom around and that this is a new feeling for you. Children (even adult children) have a tendency to believe that our parents will keep us safe from all that is scary...it's almost innate. I think this dream just encapsulates all of the emotions that you are feeling right now.

I also believe in visits from our loved ones via dreams...but I also believe that those visits are to comfort us and let us know they are ok...not to scare us. But then again we never know, so as I said before it's always a good idea to be careful.

Talk to you soon,

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Oddtree, were you aware in your dream that your mother had died? That's how I differentiate between a visit and an ordinary dream. I can dream about my daughter in all sorts of situations, but when I know as I'm dreaming that she had died but now I have a chance to be with her, that's a visit. At least that's how it is with me. Others might be different.

I think Adrienne's interpretation makes sense. So does being extra cautious for awhile. But not all threats are violent acts of crime. It's true that we often dream in symbols, even when being visited by a loved one. Are you involved with someone (a romantic interest, perhaps?) or something (a financial deal, maybe?) that your mother might be warning you against?


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A frequent interpretation of a dream where we are being chased, or we are running, is that we are running from something in real life. Does this resonate with you at this time?

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My maternal grandmother, who died before I was born, had a gift of prenomition. There was this time that she knew someone in her family was going to be dreadfully sick or die. She didn't know who or when. Then one night, she told my mom and grandfather to get their coats on, they're going to the hospital. They arrived just before my uncle's ambulance. He had wrapped his car and part of his head around a pole. The only reason he lived is because a doctor friend of my grandmother, for reasons unknown, took a different route home from work and saw the accident. He kept my uncle alive until the ambulance came.
After she died, my uncle saw her standing at the foot of his bed. She told him to stop smoking. He quit right then and there.
Warnings happen. Be careful.

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Hmm, I definitely knew she had died during the dream.

There are only a couple of things that I know of that are warn-worthy--for one, my career advisor at school has been pressuring me to apply for a job that, while prestigious, I'd just rather not apply for because I really wouldn't like it. I think my mom would have known that that job isn't a good fit, and perhaps is warning me not to cave in and apply.

I'm also living out of state this summer and being forced to drive among some of THE most INSANE drivers I've ever encountered, so perhaps she was warning me to be extra careful on the road.

Otherwise, I can't think of anything. But perhaps it was just about how I miss her. She always was our "Momma Bear" and we often joked how she could turn into a real 'bear' sometimes, and would be able to protect us like a bear protecting her cubs. Maybe it was something like that.

I've never had preminition dreams before.....I sorta don't want to start!

Perhaps in order to get through to us, visiting loved ones have to make their warnings a bit more dire and dramatic than necessary, just so we'll pay attention.

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Perhaps in order to get through to us, visiting loved ones have to make their warnings a bit more dire and dramatic than necessary, just so we'll pay attention.

Yes, that's partly what I meant when I mentioned dreaming in symbols. In dream form, the visitation passes through our subconcious. Sometimes it emerges completely intact, and sometimes not.

Dr. Michael Newton's books, Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, talk about dream visits and the fact that some spirits are able to accomplish them far more easily than others. His subjects describe how they, in spirit form, waited for the person to have an appropriate dream for them to enter.

In that context, perhaps your mother entered a dream you were about to have anyway, and while she got her message to you, the manner in which she delivered it was determined by the dream itself.

All this is complicated...I've often wished I knew more about dream interpretation! I encourage you to write about your dreams, though, especially that first great visit. It's remarkable how easy it is to forget details a few years down the road.


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Very interesting post Susan. I just might pickup a copy of that book by Dr. Newton. Can you say that you're a believer? That you believe or even "know" spirits can indeed visit us in our dreams?

I mean part of me would love to accept this as a truth. I think we all would and some do. But the fact is...how do we prove this? Do we just dream about our departed love ones simply because we miss them so much?

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Part 2 of my last post to Susan...

Be nice if we could edit out posts. Any how...


Interesting interpretation of what is a "visit" and just another dream. Just read your post. Missed it before. Any how I guess that would make you a believer. Can I still ask you why you believe?

In my first 2 visits by my mother I did indeed dream that I knew she was dead. In my dream I was actually saying something like "...how can you be here?". I don't recall if I also said to end that with "...you're dead". Then I'd hug her or grab both her elbows as a greeting. Both times it felt so very real. As if I could feel her flesh and bone. And even the fabric of her clothing. Then the dream would end. Very short.

Other dreams with my mother I'm not aware she has passed away. Or that is not in my "mind" when dreaming.

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Hi Andrew,

Yes, I've often thought that it would be nice if we could edit our posts.

I'm definitely a believer. Absolutely. I'm not religious, but I have strong spiritual beliefs that were certainly reinforced by my experiences in recent years. My first "dream visit" was from my fatherÂthree dreams total so far. But my daughter Gillian has come to me many, many times. I've also dreamt of her many times. These dreams have a completely different feel from the visits. I'm not the only one Jill visits. Even now, four years after she died, someone will report to me that they woke up knowing they had been with her during the night. I have that experience a lot. Being in Jill's presence always produced an unmistakable feeling, a feeling impossible to otherwise reproduce.

By the way, I've had a couple of dream visits from dogs, too. I've written about them here somewhere...perhaps in the thread asking about an afterlife for animals. One of them, my black lab mix Holly, was with my family at home when I was in Florida at my parents' house. One night she came to me in a dream. I woke up and realized she must have died. I called home and learned that she'd had a seizure during the night and had passed away. She just wanted to say goodbye.


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I had a night full of troubling dreams a while ago. I never remember my dreams but for some reason I was able to recite every part of it the next day. In part of the dream, I was sitting at a round table in a store and my sister (who I never dream about) was sitting next to me. I turned and my mother (who passed away 3 months ago) was sitting on my other side. I looked at her and said loudly "Don't do that", meaning don't scare me by just popping in like that without warning. She then disappeared. I was so mad at myself because I felt that I could have asked her so many questions about personal problems I was having, questions about the other side and how my father was doing. The dream just felt so real and I don't know if I'll get another chance like that to visit with my mother.

I do remember around that time that when I would be trying to fall asleep, I'd think very hard that I wanted to speak to my mother. Perhaps she did hear me.

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