Need Digital TV 101

trekarenAugust 25, 2007

I need Digital TV for Dummies help please.

Please let me know what details you need - I'm going to just keep it high level in this original post, hoping that all I need is someone who can give me the basics to get started. But if you need more info, let me know.

So we just converted from analog to digital cable. Finally!

TV A is an old analog Magnavox, and we hooked the digital cable box to this TV. We are able to see all the channels in the digital starter lineup.

TV B: I bought DH a new HDTV for Father's day. It is hooked straight to the cable line.

Main issue I can't figure out:

TV B uses different channels for digital. But they don't match up with the channel number list that I have from the cable TV company. For example, channel 212 (actual number from the cable co's list) on TV A, we finally found on channel 93.1 on TV B.

Right now we are stuck doing an easter egg hunt on TV B until we finally locate channels.

I want to be able to dial up whatever channel I wish to see, without having to roam around with the remote thru hundreds of channels to find it.

Any advice? (I have more questions but since this is Digital TV for Dummies here, I'll keep it to this one initial dilemma.)

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Your TV B cannot get digital cable channels without a special card from the cable company or the cable box. What you should have to enjoy your new TV is a HDTV cable box. You are seeing the analog feed from the cable company in those lower channels. Eventually cable will stop sending analog signals.

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First I would try to run the setup/channel search again. The first time mine ran, it placed the channels in an arbitrary numerical order, IOW without any gaps in the sequence. There was a second channel search option in the menu which gave the channels the sequence with which I was familiar. I do not yet have HD cable or Sat, BTW.
I was of the understanding that a TV that has an HD tuner built in would not have a need for a cable box. Same thing if it has a cable card slot. Both of the Aquos-es I just bought have ATSC tuners, so I'm hoping I will not need cable boxes. Someone please correct me if I am under a misapprehension.


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There are dual mode tuners that have ATSC (over the air digital) and QAM (over cable digital). QAM only works for unscrambled signals. Cable providers only give us the basic package unscrambled. Anything we pay extra for is scrambled and you need their devices to unscramble.

Our local cable company is currently broadcasting basic programming in both analog and digital. Because the original poster says he is receiving only the low channel shows ,93, I assumed he does not have a QAM or maybe the show he wants is not in the basic package.

Here is a link that might be useful: QAM

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Casey, yes that is the case I believe, that I should need no extra plugins for a digital-TV-ready set.

I do get both analog and digital versions of all the channels. We've found them through trial and error. The issue I have is the numbering scheme on that TV is different.

Sorry if I was unclear. I just used an example of a channel that is on a different spot on the dial. The digital TV B goes up to the high 3 digit channels.

I only have the digital starter pack so the QAM channels are the ones from the basic set. I just want to be able to dial them up without having to hunt for them, by using the numbers on the published channel guide.

Casey, I will try your suggestion and see if it works.

Thanks all!!!


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