5 years ago today I lost my twin

evatxJuly 3, 2005

This July 3rd has been a bit easier for me than the previous ones since I lost my twin sis, Neva, to cancer. My daughter (who shares my birthday) and I went out to the cemetery this morning, and I decided where I wanted to put a small concrete bench. My children and grandchildren are all here for the holiday, and have made sure I'm smothered with attention and love. I just try to hold onto the fact that she isn't sick and suffering anymore, and I know this is the attitude she'd want me to have. But I miss her more each day.

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Hi, Eva. I'm so glad that you are showered with love and attention from your daughter and the grandchildren. We are so fortunate to have that which many people don't.
I wish that I could put a bench where Christin and Mom are buried, but as of now, it is against the rules in their cemetery.
You certainly are on the right track to recovery from grief by holding on to the fact that your sister is not sick or suffering anymore. That is certainly a comforting thought for our loved ones who have gone before us. They don't have to deal with any of life's burdens anymore and possess nothing but peace, beauty, and happiness.
I know we all still miss them, but we will see them again.
Thanks for the condolences regarding my dear mom. She passed away last June 3, but I am still grieving and always welcome kind thoughts.
Blessings, Eva.

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