Wiring A Stereo and Flat Screen (amplifier is subwoofer)

conifersAugust 19, 2007


I've somehow confused myself. We're in the middle of new construction and I have questions about how a flat-screen is wired for sound (using subwoofer which runs off to two bookshelf speakers) while also being able to run a CD player/stereo seperately. I've taken images of the components I have, please help if you are able to. Thanks so much!!


This is the wall the tv is mounting on. Photos are old do ignore. Basically, the wire for cable tv is there and I'm running a 'wire' to my sub-woofer I was toldto do as this was my 'Amp'. Behind where the tv will be (above the fireplace) I'll have (2) speakers mounted to the wall above. The subfwoofer is adjacent to the fireplace wall/tv wall which is to the right of this first photo. One more thing, Monster Speaker Cable is being ran from the subwoofer to the speakers behind me (newish construction) for a total of speakers built into my flat screen television as well as the two bookshelf speakers, as well as the subwoofer. Here's the photo and then the wall behind this wall where the bookshelf speakers will be mounted:

This is the back of my subwoofer and a shot of my speakers where it appears "banana jacks would fit." (Previously I had speaker wire without banana jacks which led to the subwoofer which too did not connect with banana jacks). But now I have banana jacks which is supposedly for this monster cable.

The back of my speakers (Polk Audio if that means anything):

Now a photo of all the components I bought at Radio Shack that I now have no clue how they will all work in unison. It does seem to me that I'll use the cable tv controller (music is secondary) to adjust volume and the subwoofer will simply get the signal from the TV that volume is being increased/decreased and will respond accordingly. That makes sense to me. What doesn't make sense is all the Audio Wires I bought which go into a DVD player or the stereo which ultimately too must go into the subwoofer (MY 'Amp') however - there are only (2) female jacks on the entire back of the subwoofer. See photo one. Here's what I bought at Radio Shack:

Left: (2) component switch to go between stereo and television. middle: Audio Wires (I think I need a yellow video one as well??? however my subwoofer doesn't have a video hook-up??? and right, banana plugs.

The back of this ('2 way converter)

This is it. Help!

Thank you very much for your time,


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Never mind, but thanks.


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