Who ever heard of seeing a chiropractor for edema?!

chery2March 2, 2004

DH talking to a pregnant colleague who complained of her swollen feet. "You should see my wife's! Hers are like that all the time, and she's had all the searches and tests: doplar, echo-cardiogram,vascular pressure, and sonogram. All they revealed is that she DOESN'T have congestive heart failure!"

So the colleague told him about her aunt with the same problem who went to a chiropractor and was cured. Sorry for toe-stepping; I know lots of people SWEAR by their chiropractors, but I've always thought they were. . . well, less than doctors, anyway. But at this point, I'm willing to try anything. Lasix used to give me a few hours' relief following the day I took it, but not anymore. I do not add salt to my food at all, though I admit being drawn to high-sodium foods. I ate salt on sliced lemons when I was a kid, even into teen years. Mom said she did the same thing. Anyone who has had this problem and found a cure? TIA, chery-va

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Chery -
There is nothing a chiropractor can do. Check with your doctor about the latest diuretics and edema control drugs.

How is your watrer intake - oddly, people can retain fluids if they get too little water.

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I get edema, and it causes the nerves in my legs to compress and annoys me terribly. I did notice that when I began exercising regularly, it went almost completely away. I was doing half an hour on the treadmill four times a week.

I also try to drink lots of water, and to lie down for half an hour a day with my feet higher than my head. I usually use two pillows under my feet. I don't like it, but it does help my feet.

I do have diuretics, but I try not to use them, as they often make me feel weak and dizzy.

I wouldn't bother with the chiropractor.

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Yes, exercise, especially walking. He muscles pumpthe blood back to the veins.

Two herbs that ACTUALLT WORK (as in worked in double-blind studies with placebo pills, reported in real medical journals) ... Horse chestnut and Butcher's Broom.

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Look at your urine. If it is almost colorless, then you are probably drinking enough water. If it is not, you need to increase your fluid intake. The body will retain fluid if you don't drink enough for it to function properly.

Exercise, especially for the legs, will help a lot. Watch the salt. If you are overweight, try to lose some. And stay away from the high-salt stuff. It can bother you for days.

There are other diuretics beside Lasix. Ask your doctor to try something else. A mild one taken DAILY, even when it doesn't seem to be needed, sometimes works better for some people than medication taken only when swelling occurs.

How is your blood pressure? Some of the BP medications contain a diurectic that works quite well on a regular basis.

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Thanks, everyone for your responses. I walk my granddaughter 2x a week in our very hilly neighborhood. Walk dog occasionally. Know I could do more. Water intake is good. Doc is aware; says it's a "vanity issue." chery

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I don't say this lightly, but I might get a second opinion. While it's usually not serious, if not connected to a heart problem, edema is quite uncomfortable. It can make your shoes too tight, and (at least in me) press on your nerves. I don't consider that a vanity issue.

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I agree. Edema is NOT a vanity issue unless you are just imagining the whole thing. Which I doubt. I would seek another opinion. Just because someone has an MD after his name, it does not mean that he is knowledgable in all medical fields. Lasix may not be the best diurectic for you. You need to know what's causing your problem.

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If you are drawn to high-sodium foods as you say you are, then you may be getting too much sodium in your diet without adding any at the table. Try eliminating all high-sodium foods for a few weeks and see if it makes any difference.

And try to get some exercise most days of the week, at least five.


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Thanks again, everyone. Have seen heart and pulmonary docs, as well as vascular surgeon and GP. What specialty should I see next? chery

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

You should see your gynecologist so you can be told that the cause is hormones, and there isn't much they can do about it. That's what they told me and I had the problem for years. They thought I had Rheumatoid arthritis, and many other things.
That was over 25 years ago and things have changed. My doctor said that many women have this, and they are just now reporting it to the doctors. In the "old days" since there was no pain, they didn't go to the doctor.
I was advised, and found it to be true, that diuretics did not work. They caused a rebound effect. It did not work to decrease the amount of salt to less than about 3 grams a day. Rebound again. I drank water and exercised every day. I either played tennis or walked/ran. That did more for me than anything. I don't remember how far or for how long, but it was more than taking the dogs for a walk. It was at least 30 minutes. I still drink quite a bit of water, but I have always exercised so I drink about 3 liters a day.
I ought to mention that my mother and grandmother had the same problem, but there was never a diagnosis. They called it idiopathic edema. According to the gynecologit I saw, it is common, caused by hormones, and I should enjoy life and not worry about it. But that was me (I) not you. I hope your doctor says about the same thing. It did last for years. It was worse in the summer and when we took long car trips. At one point I tried to lower my sodium, my body adjusted and I got upset thinking "what the heck!" We went out and had lobster tails with butter. That was a big mistake. The sudden addition of salt to my diet really hurt my feet.
Good Luck

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My girlfriend has or had the same problem. She went to all kinds of doctors and nothing seemed to help. She had problems finding shoes cause her ankles were so big. And of course she was in pain, especially in summer. She takes a product called body ballance now, exercises and drinks lots of water. It helped her a lot.

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