Review on Taun wood

itspepsicoJuly 21, 2014

Has anyone used Taun wood for flooring?

We are looking for dark flooring and we really liked "Taun Sambuca" but have never heard of the wood. I know it is an exotic wood from Asia and is harder than Oak or Maple with Janaka rating of 1900.

But how is the wood on long run with low-mid rough usage?
How does it react to water?
How does it react to continuous sunlight?
How does it takes the scratches, any polishes that can be used to buff up the scratches?

My builder is little worried about the wood as he has never used this product.

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Anything shiny and dark is difficult to live with from a dust and dirt and scratches showing standpoint. Not familiar with the wood itself, but turn that sample board on it's side and take a look at the composition layers and thicknesses. And milling quality. Those are where the rubber meets the road.

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I am looking at the same wood. Did you go with this? the color on the sample that you have shows a "color variation" - "moderate to high". I have the same sample but it shows a consistent dark color. Please let me know. I am about to order 2,000 sq. feet and want to make sure I am getting the right look for my house.

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Unique Wood Floors

"Tuan" is also called "Pometia". It is a fairly hardwood with a Janka rating close to Hickory's. But its more fine grains do not hide the scratches as well as Hickory. The higher gloss and finer finish can make it vulnerable to imperfection. A select grade floor made with Tuan should not have many variations, especially with a darker stain. Here is a picture to show you the variances on a dark stained Tuan.

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