diverticulois assessment.

ivamaeMarch 15, 2007

In 1986 I was diagnosed with diverticulosis and was told to have stool samples done each year and be certain I had a sigmoidiscope every 3 years to check for cancer. Since moving to another province they don't do the stool samples as former ones always showed blood, so they feel that would always be the case. They also refuse to do the sigmoidoscope as they say it is too dangerous. They will do a barium enema but only if I insist. The last one of those, many years ago, showed that the condition is severe. I'm a bit leery of doing the barium tests as I have a problem passing stools as it is, and I'm afraid that I might have a great deal of trouble trying to get rid of the barium. Is it possible that a cat scan or an ultrasound would give the same results? I had a flare up 2 weeks ago and am still not back to normal. I have never had a flare up last this long. I have also turned against so many foods. I have a fairly new Dr. and do not completely feel at ease with him

Thanks for any info


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The answer to your question is within the question you asked.

"I have a fairly new Dr. and do not completely feel at ease with him."

If that is the case, then you need to find another new doctor. You also have to determine if you are not a full ease with this new doc because he is just new or is giving different advise than you've had in the past.
His advise may or may not be better than what you have had in the past, but if you are uncomfortable with him, then by all means seek another opinion, get another doctor.

You don't say if this doc is your primary care doc or a gastroenterologist. You should be followed by a GI doc, though, not just a primary care doc.

As for the stool samples, the reasoning sounds reasonable to me. If it always showed blood, then what was the point of having them done in the first place?

Not sure if CT Scans or ultrasound would lean the same results, but I do know that to have either one you need a full cleaning of the bowel for anything to be seen.

I'd be a little concerned with the barium as well, but there may be something that you can be given to help you get rid of the barium.

In any case, being that you are not comfortable with this doc, I would find another and be sure he/she is a GI doc.

Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

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The usual thing after a barium enema or swallow used to be a BIG dose of castor oil. Perhaps they have something different now, but getting rid of the barium will be no problem. You don't say how old you are, perhaps your age is why they are reluctant to do a sigmoindoscope. However, I think it's important to find a physician that you are comfortable with if your medical plan allows you to change.

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Thanks for your replies.

I like this DR. in some ways and not in others. It makes no diference, as we are extrememly fortunate if we have a Dr. We cnnot switch around like used to be the case, years ago. I am 76 and the reason for them saying that the sigmoidoscope is too dnagerous, is because he is concerned that they could puncture one of the pockets and then he has told me it would be an immediate colostomy. I have had several barium enemas and I have never ever been given anything to get rid of the barium afterwards. I would have nothing against taking castor oil for that. I'm not supposed to do any straining and I rememebr the straining that was necessary after the barium before. He is my G.P. but if I decide if I want to have the barium test he will refer me to a Gastro Dr. He told me I had to make the decision - he wouldn't. I've never had a Dr. tell me that before. They always told me what THEY recomended and then we went from there.


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It sounds like you have Diverticulitus. Diverticulosis is what you have when it has not become infected. There should be no blood in the first case. My DH's uncle had diverticulitis, and passed blood. I have diverticulosis, and so far have had no problems, although it was several years ago that I had the colonoscopy that detected it.(I am now 74.) I try to avoid food with small seeds.They can get in the pouches and cause infection.
I hope you can get help for your problem.

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Thanks marian. I have had bleeding show in the stool samples all the time, when there was no known infection present. It is still giving problems off and on and I am sill passing visable blood at times. I'm so weak and not getting my strength back as I feel I should. I am getting concerned whether blood is escaping into the body cavity as well. I am going to make another appointment and I have decided to ask him to refer me to someone who will schedule a baium test. I feel I have to, if only to satisfy myself. I don't like to always be complaining. My kids have so many health problems, they do not need Mom to have some too.

I'll keep you posted. Thanks

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