Outdoor Speakers - Help!

johnmar88July 6, 2007

Hi. When I built my new house I had the builder run a set of speaker wires through my wall and out to my patio in my backyard.

My question is: can I use this single set of wires to run more than one set of speakers? (i.e., 4 speakers).

I would like to have a set of outdoor speakers by the pool as well as by the patio. We have a fairly large backyard and I'm concerned that I would have to "crank up" the volume to hear the sound from across the yard.

Can I just split the signal and run 2 set of wires to 2 separate areas?



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It depends on the speakers and on whatever (receiver/amp/etc.) is driving them. Speakers present a load to the amplifier; that load varies depending on the design of the speakers and the sound frequency. Amplifiers differ on their ability to handle lower loads. Some cheaper amps (receivers) will cut out or shut off when presented with low loads. Others won't mind at all.

So it is kind of specific to what equipment you're going to use. Generally speaking, though, what you want to do will present a load that many amplifiers won't be able to handle.

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You might find it will work better to use the existing wires to run a 70v pre-amp signal from your indoor amplifier to a separate outdoor amplifier. Then the outdoor amplifier can control the volume of the outdoor speakers, sepatately from the indoor speakers.

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