Feet again. Remember there are no dumb questions!

sammy zone 7 TulsaMarch 2, 2004

I am still trying to work though the final stages of Plantar Fasciitis

When I wear my athletic shoes, I put a Dr. Scholl's insert in it, and it grabs my socks. I need to wrestle with my socks when I wear the shoes so that my toes are not being compressed. If I get too much sock, then I am walking on wrinkled extra. If I don't get enough, then my toes are pushing my sock, which encourages me to walk flat footed. I wonder if any of you have a trick that you can share.

Also I have some nice "Clarks" shoes that fit well. Actually I bought 3 pairs in different colors. I like them because they are a firm fit. They are sort of a loafer, but come up farther like an athletic shoe, but there are no ties, velcro, etc. Same problem. I wear tights with these. By the time I have slid my foot in place, my hose are too tight. Today I used my husband's shoe horn, and that was a help, but I wonder if you have tricks you like.

I teach school and Mondays and Fridays are jeans days, but we need to look professional. I wear the jeans and athletic shoes with a nice sweater. But of course I want to wear good shoes. On the other days I always wear hose or tights, but wear shoes that are good for my foot, with the proper arch and heel supports. I wear a shoe size 8 1/2. Sometimes I spend too much time in the morning trying to get my shoes to fit right. It is important that I land on my heels and roll my foot to the toes. If I walk flat footed, it hurts the foot condition.

I just may be asking far too much, but I thought I would try.


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Use a bit of baby powder ot make the insert slipperier.

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My orthopedist prescribed firm, rigid heel cups that I wore with enclosed heel shoes. (He said the soft, pliable ones wouldn't help.) These are smooth and don't catch on socks or shoes. They really did the trick and every few years if I feel the start of the problem again, I wear them for a couple of days and the pain is gone.

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