what's best--soundbar or surround sound?

bafeuerJuly 13, 2006

We're renovating, and getting ready to have the walls go up in the family room where we'll have big screen TV and great sound system for the first time in our home! We're reading soundbars are the way to go, but wanted to check and ask for any feedback/suggestions comments before the contractor's guys get to work.

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A "soundbar" is without a doubt the WRONG way to go....

They are for those who don't have the talent, or ability to do it the right way.

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KT....I don't know that I'd say it that way.

True, with great speakers all around you, you have much greater control over the sound and placement. That's if you have the ears to appreciate it and the wallet to do it.

Now, that being said, if this is a true "family" room where everyone's gonna gather for movie night, a soundbar that has a good DSP in it is virtually indistinguishable for the average listener.

So, it's more a question of the right product for the right use.

That all being said, if you have exposed walls now already, running wire to where you might like rear and side speakers in the future would likely cost you less than $100 or so, so you could later add whatever you like if you find the SB solution less than adequate.


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If your looking for big sound, you need big speakers. How big is the room?

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Twenty + years in the audio/video profession.

I call them as I see them. Like it or not.

This is marketing at nearly the best level. The best level being that of Bose.

Besides, the walls are open so there's no reason not to do it the right way is there?

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Yea....20+ years in the A/V profession SELLING stuff to people.

Me...30+ years of listening to it, operating it, etc.

You A/V guys are the ones that sold my father-in-law a $20k+ sound system for his luxury home. Why? It was the "best".

The only problem with this little plan is that he could never, for the life of him figure out how to operate it. Couldn't find CD's in the unlabeled and controlled 400+ CD changer, etc. You get the picture.

My only point was to the lay person, sometimes good is good enough. I also pointed out to him with open walls, running wire at a minimum would allow him to be prepared, whichever way he chooses to go.


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